Wednesday, May 2, 2012

dinner: Iron Horse Station, Hot Springs, NC

Iron Horse Station
took a leisurely walk to Hot Springs from our cabin (and a not-so-leisurely uphill walk back....).  it is one of the few restaurants in this quaint mountain town. 

such a cozy, renovated spot...with amazing food!  probably being judgemental....but i didn't have high expectations for the restaurant since it was in a quiet mountain town and the menu seemed to be more "bar food". 

this liquor-free town serves all kinds of local beer

love the natural decor... a used fireplace and exposed brick walls

matt waiting on his burger

i'm 30!!!  sooooo weird

Iron Horse Burger Crispy “Tobacco” Onions, Grilled Bacon, Cheddar Cheese,
Grilled Tomato, Lettuce, House-made BBQ Sauce and Mayo

Southern Style Fish and Chips Farm Raised Cat Fish, Golden Fried, served with Cajun
Tartar Sauce and Malt Vinegar
*Sides are Cole Slaw and Hand Cut Fries

hands down--best fish and chips i've ever had. fresh, perfectly seasoned fish.

this tangy, red cabbage slaw was the most unique and refreshing slaw i've had.  must recreate it!

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