Friday, June 29, 2012

wedding on a budget: the dress

 the dress:  French Connection:  i always love this label.  the silhouettes are classic, feminine, and flirty.  i wanted something just dressy enough, but somehow not dressy at all.

still the classic white and lace, but much more modern.  i am not a huge lace fan, but i like this eyelet-style lace.

short and sweet!  the way i like it.  i could never imagine wearing a fluffly, long dress to get married in.  very not me... so a shift-style mini is perfect.  now i'm just on the hunt for a beautiful heel.

30 days

today officially marks 30 days, or 1 month, at working from home at my Etsy shop.  i couldn't do it without my wonderful soon-to-be-hubby Matt's support and daily encouragement.  this first month i have exceeded my goals and still was able to have lots of fun:  spending time with my sister for a week, going to the farmers market, cooking lots of tasty meals--all while working from home.

i have made a lot of new products and learning every day how to grow my own business.  hoping by this time next year i have it down pat and won't have to get another job... *cross my fingers* we'll see!

Thank You for the last 30 days:
680 favorites
25 sales

wedding on a budget: cake

i am obsessed with this adorable Las Vegas cake at this wedding-renewal found here.  we will only have about 10 people total so a 1/4 sheet cake will be perfect and i love the kitschy, quirkiness of this cake. i have never wanted a traditional wedding cake.  my colors will be the colors in the Vegas sign:  robin's egg blue, canary yellow, classic red, and white. 

another hint.  the second you say the word "WEDDING" people go crazy and tend to overcharge for everything.  i am trying to do this thing on a major budget so i am ordering party cakes and calling them a wedding cake ok?  i was thinking this adorable Vegas cake in a classic vanilla (i'm boring when it comes to desserts) and then another round cake for the chocolate lovers.

more cake inspiration after the cut:

shopping: Baublebar

working at Anthropologie made me amass quite the accessory collection.  i've never been a "dainty" jewelry kind of girl.  i've always liked chunky, gaudy, costume jewelry.  my favorites include Juicy Couture for their crazy script hoops, Marc Jacobs chunky bangles, Kate Spade's famous bright bangles, and anywhere else i can find fun, bright pieces.

so when statement necklaces were in and haven't really left, i was happy to be able to find them everywhere.  i prefer pretty simple knits--mostly solids, so it is a fun way to add some color and fun to an otherwise boring outfit.

a couple weeks ago when i was visiting my sister in Chapel Hill we did a lot of shopping...especially internet shopping and we happened upon Baublebar.  so many cute bangles and necklaces!  i've already gotten 3 necklaces!  good deals at under $50 each!  so excited about this turquoise piece... the Turquoise Elsa Necklace $42.  one of the lovely ladies i worked with at Anthro had this piece or one similar, and wore it all the time and i always coveted it.  *yay*  you are now mine!

wedding on a budget: shoes

a heel has been chosen.  this striking blue d'orsay style heel is *gorgeous* and exactly my style.  i don't wear satin, i don't wear stilettos, i don't wear strappy.... it is sold out on so i may have to hunt it down elsewhere, but i am in LOVE with this damn shoe!  a conservative shift dress and a super sexy shoe, i love it!  xoxo

Thursday, June 28, 2012

wedding on a budget: inspiration

{a glamorous Priscilla Presley}

so matt and i decided to elope in Las Vegas this fall.  but then we decided we could do a teeny-tiny ceremony for our closests friends and family.  the main things i wanted:  it should be fun and not super-serious, easy, and affordable *gulp*.  we don't really have anything saved for this thing and kind of doing it on the fly like we always do, but i have a feeling it will still feel special, fun, and very "us".  we are doing the Elvis thing in Vegas, more details to come and i would like to go for a modern-day Priscilla Presley look.  i have always thought she was BEAUTIFUL and oh-so-stylish, so it will be perfect.  we both favor big, dark hair, and dramatic cat-eye makeup and a light lip, so hopefully it will be easy.

here is a more modern-day, tousled look that i love.  maybe something like this with a pretty barrette or headband?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

low-cal cocktail

making summertime cocktails.  now i just have to re-do our porch so we can enjoy them outside.  this one was refreshing (and low-calorie!)...limoncello liqueur, Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade (0 calories!), some ice cubes, and fresh slices of oranges and lemons.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

lunch at big daddy's

my favorite part about the beach:   SEAFOOD!  the south is especially known for "calabash" seafood, which is delicately fried. 

carolina beach

love these little double bike carriages.  next time we go i definitely
want to rent one!

taking silly pictures on the beach

Ponyo is like hell no!

a beautiful sight.  a rainbow that encircled the sun!



hanging at Carolina Beach

summer essentials

summer shopping while at the beach:  striped tote and nautical shift dress from J Crew, yellow polka-dotted jeans i have been COVETING by Current Elliot, floppy hat from Target,  neon coral blazer at Marshalls.

i love the beachy colors of everything!  the tote is a good, sturdy bag i can carry every day in a sassy seafoam green.  didn't get to wear my floppy hat, because it was too windy.  i love the nautical dress as an everyday dress to bum around the house in.  the yellow jeans are adorable in my favorite color.  i've been wanting a neon colored blazer and the color of this one screamed at me when i saw it. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

the boathouse

the Boathouse was one of those hole-in-the-wall places in Wilmington that could be hit or miss.  it wasn't terrible...but wasn't the best either.  i would say, it is a "good deal".  cheap seafood, maybe not the best quality, but still relatively tasty. 

the fried scallops were actually really good.  skip over the grilled shrimp.

yummy fried scallops.  the fried squash was good too.  when you are at a place like this, go safe and just order fried seafood!

carolina beach

finally headed to the beach.  unfortunately it was pretty overcast and a little windy!

the beach condos were so charming in their array of pastels.  one day i will have my own beach house!

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Carolina Beach was absolutely beautiful.  much more quiet and private than myrtle beach.  natural rocks dot the beach.

Ponyo seeing the beach for the first time!  She doesn't like the water splashing *lol*

carolina beach: day 1 - 2

not gonna lie.  first day at the beach...we kinda got lazy because we were kicked off the beach for bringing the dog *lol*.  it was okay because we wanted to watch the season premiere of TRUE BLOOD!  *ack*

had some really tasty hibachi and a night in watching True Blood which was nice. 

the next day we were beach-bound.  we headed to Carolina Beach, where they allowed dogs so Ponyo could come.

The sign at Granny's Kitchen screaming about the "fried green 'maters" made us stop here.

These onion rings were awesome!  Slightly sweet and a lot of crunch.

vacation: chapel hill

visited my sister for a few days.  we were headed to the beach...but spent a couple days in her new town of Chapel Hill/ Durham first.  we did our nails with a summery beach theme in mind.

did a lot of shopping.  finally got my yellow polka dotted jeans by current elliot.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sushi cakes playing with one of my stuffies <3

movie night: Snow White and the Huntsman

of course it is mine and irene's "beach vacation" and it ends up dreary and rainy most of the time we're here so we're finding other indoor activities to do.  mainly shopping and eating!  we decided to see Snow White and the Huntsman especially since i know matt won't see this with me *hehe*.  it was a pretty good good movie, beautiful cinematography, and Charlize Theron is a fierce evil queen.

Friday, June 8, 2012

vacation day 1

got to Chapel Hill at about 1 p.m. today after crappy traffic.  it was good to see my little sissy and neice (PonYo)'s been awhile!  we got dressed and did what we always do---went shopping!  nothing too exciting, just groceries at Whole Foods and digging for home finds at Home Goods (my new favorite discount home store).

irene has these kelly green stretch jeans from Gap that look twinsies with my kelly green AG jeans from Anthro that I've worn to death.  seriously one of my favorite purchases ever.

tomorrow, a girl's day.  lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, shopping all day at Durham's fancy mall (in search of a new bra, lip stain, sandals, maxi dress), mani-pedi, iced coffee.

my most favorite recent purchases:  a super light, neon coral blazer and my big floppy beach hat.  i'll post pics this weekend i'm sure.

a quick polyvore i made of how i wear my favorite AG green denim.

mixing something secretly edgy like this hand-painted skull necklace with
your preppy prints keeps things from being stuffy.  she made this herself, 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sleepy poet

moving on up!  got a sectional sofa from my bff shaughn.  he was sad to get rid of it, but just got a job with Calvin Klein in NYC (eek!) so obviously can't take it with him.... so i got it for a great deal.  would love to get it recovered, but it actually fits in well with my modern mid-century decor.  i will probably get a few more printed pillows and have my eye on a faux zebra print rug.

finally found the perfect lamps for my shades.  i've been on the hunt for a couple of matching vintage lamps that would fit my lampshades for a couple years now.  of course i found them at Sleepy Poet, my favorite vintage store!

 a golden cherub with amber crystal drops.  matt thinks they're so ugly.  of course i love them because they're so unique.  sometimes it's worth waiting til you find the perfect thing!

sleepy poet is my go-to place to browse for hours!  and everyone that knows me, knows that i am a lazy shopper, but i love spending time looking through all the knick knacks, furniture, and vintage dinnerware at sleepy poet.

they always have great colorful glass pieces like this one.

 vintage jewelry in cases

miniatures on vintage shelves

a cluster of vintage glassware

trying to decide if this would fit in my bedroom?  not quite my style, but could be beautiful if painted a different color possibly.