Monday, May 7, 2012

lunch at Hyman's Seafood, Charleston, SC

Hyman's Seafood is famous in Charleston with tourists and locals alike.  they are consistently voted "best seafood" from magazines like Southern Living.  they are a true "southern hospitality"-type joint with easy food and good service.  the menu is HUGE and a little kooky-crazy....but definitely start off with this appetizer, their most-popular "Carolina Delight".

Lightly fried grit cake topped with
your choice of shrimp, scallops,
oysters, crab cakes or salmon. Covered with a creamy, rich garlic alfredo sauce then sprinkled with a hint of cajun seasoning.

started off with some cocktails...why on earth would i EVER order a damn margarita??? they're disgusting!  but it was on special and i was feeling "crazy" so i ordered one.... *ick*  i made matt play trade-sies with me because he got a Cosmopolitan which is much tastier.  i still have visions of puking in front of a record store after my first margarita that i drank out of a styrofoam cup.

matt and i LOVE LOVE LOVE  a good she-crab soup, so when we are in a seafood-town we always order a bowl.  their's was....okay, nothing special unfortunately.  the best we've had is still from that hole-in-the-wall seafood shack called Mr. Fish in Myrtle Beach!

not happy about his adopted margarita!

but i'm happy with mine! matt tryin' to get all "artsy" with his cheesy camera angles

matt's overly fried seafood platter: fried mahi-mahi, crabcake, deviled crab, sweet potato souffle

my plate: broiled swordfish, fried catfish, broiled scallops

all together a pretty good meal....but maybe not worth the $90 we threw down for lunch????  xoxo

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