Saturday, March 31, 2012

anthropologie spring

i used to work at anthropologie as the apparel manager...i was there for 4 years.  yeah the hardest part of not being there is obviously not having access to all the great clothes!  i received my april catalog today.  i always loved spring/summer season at anthro the best.  lots of colors, great denim, ethnic prints, chic dresses, and the BEST wedges.  here are some of my favorite pieces from this month's catalog!

i love a loose and flowy maxi dress with bold color like the aija maxi dress from dream daily $158.

adore the bold blue ikat print and casual shirtdress style of the ikat frequencies shirtdress $98.  may have to pick this one up for sure!  it would look great this summer with a floppy hat and flat sandals.

i love the feminine cut and sassy print of the flared caraz dress by weston wear $158.  i always loved everything weston wear made and this little dress is no exception!  this is screaming for some strappy wedges and a bib necklace.

i want the dipped sessile necklace $48, in every color.  these brightly colored, quirky, coral-inspired necklaces would look great with all my solid and striped tees for spring.  never under-estimate the power of a great accessory.  y'all know i loooove costume jewelry!

a chic fitting cropped denim jacket $128 by daughters of liberation.  the perfect broken in denim color to add a lightweight layer in the spring.  i always loved daughter's jackets--always structured and well-made.

every girl needs a white dress for the spring season and i love this one by leifnotes.  the dot-gleam dress $188 is perfectly light and sheer with an assymetrical hem.

anthropologie's best season for accessories is definitely spring.  i love a good leather handbag staple, but that doesn't stop me from owning a million of these embroidered tote bags.  so easy in the summer and adds print and color to every outfit.  sometimes i do look like a crazy bag lady stomping around with my crazy printed tote bag when i'm wearing a ton of color and print too and forget to change my bag.  oh well!  would love to add the felicidad flicker tote $178 to my collection!

dinner at dilworth neighborhood grille

 as part of mine and matt's attempt at a "healthier" lifestyle, we are going to only go out to eat once a week at the most.  we decided we will allow ourselves to have whatever we want, but i do want to make sure i still make somewhat healthier choices--instead of burger and fries all the time!

dilworth neighborhood grille is famous for their delicious crabcakes.  the spicy aoli is so good.  definitely a splurge ;). 

Friday, March 30, 2012

how to use leftover fruit 101

 feeling ever-so-slightly guilty about being a quitter with the juice fast.  the good news is, it puts you in a good mind-set with eating habits afterwards.  you're just excited to put anything in your mouth that you can chew! 

matt and i had a long conversation about how to improve our diet this year.  i tend to pack on the pounds (majorly) during the winter when the vegetables are starchier and i don't go to the farmer's market.  i crave heavier meals and get a little lazy with cooking and we tend to eat out a lot more.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

spring time

i can't believe i failed my juice fast!  ohhhh it's ok, i was half expecting it anyhoo.  i still did a mini-cleanse and it gave me motivation to get healthy for the Spring season.  i want to be able to wear my favorite high-waisted linen shorts (shown here, last year). 

i still plan on juicing my dinner a night or two a week...continue eating yummy light meals from Luna's and with local organic veggies from the farmers market which will open later this week!

i will also be utilizing the gym that i joined earlier this year that my friends all go to.  

juice fast: day 4

today i feel:  energetic when i woke up.  not gonna lie, had a hard time getting in as many juices as i'd like to because i was busy today at work.

hunger level: 6/10.  hungry today because i wasn't taking in enough juices.  like i said, the heartier, savory juices make you feel full.  i am craving salty things (i'm a savory girl all the way!) and healthy food like Luna's skinny wich rather than the junkier foods i normally crave.

weight loss: 1 lb

what i've had today:
  • kale, grapefruit, orange, lemon juice
  • beet, carrot, orange juice
  •  fennel, cucumber, celery, spinach juice
  • Luna's Power Cleanser:  beets, parsley, carrots, cucumber
  • Chopped chicken thai salad with fresh ginger, peanuts, chili and lime
    juice <--what?!  ---see below

oh, i feel as though i've let everybody down!  i felt light-headed and hungry when i got home and decided to have a salad from the thai restaurant nearby.  i didn't eat much, but i ate!  i guess a 3-day juice fast is a more realistic goal for a beginner?  i did 4 days and the next 6 days seemed a bit daunting.  like i said before, my juicer at home doesn't really juice leafy greens, so i was taking in mostly fruit juices at home when i wasn't picking them up at Luna's.  which meant....lots of sugar!  so i was taking in more calories than i wanted... the good news is, i got a taste for juicing!  i definitely appreciate the taste a lot more now, the nutritional benefits, and the boost of energy a fresh veggie juice can give you.  i would like to try juice fasting on a regular basis and build up the ability to go for 10 days.  i also want to start having a large veggie juice in place of dinner a couple nights a week when i've had a hearty lunch--to help maintain weight and get those extra vitamins and minerals.  like i said, they are curiously filling and's okay that i FAILED miserably this time, but i did 3-1/2 days, which is better than nothing, and i will try again soon! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the perfect summer wedge

 i am dying for these PERFECT summer wedges by Jeffrey Campbell.  $155.  i would wear them with EVERYTHING.  i would wear these with jeggings and a thin tank top or with all of my cute sundresses for summer.
kate moss and  a panda

juice fast: day 3

day 3 of my juice fast.  still feeling a little sluggish and tired today from all the toxins exiting my body.  i did notice my tounge felt sludge-y this morning when i woke up and my breath was stinkier than normal.

it is true though that your tastes adjust and i'll be honest that i didn't really enjoy the taste of juices before this, and now i really like them.  even the super vegetable-y ones.  i also feel good about being so hydrated and taking in a lot of liquid.  i tend to be dehydrated on most days because i just don't think about taking in enough liquids.  i definitely have a new-found appreciation for juicing as well as for eating!  *hehe*

i love the idea of a "cleanse" because it gives you a feeling of a fresh start.  after this cleanse, i will have a new appreciation for food again and really focus on making sure i am taking in yummy and healthy foods to fuel my body.  i have a tendency to get lazy and eat a lot of processed foods when i get busy.  now i know i can grab a fresh-made juice that will give me energy and a boost of nutrients.  i used to be vegan years ago, and i remember how it makes you really *think* about all the food you are putting into your body because you can't just eat anything and everything the way everyone else can.  it really made me more educated on food in general and pay attention to balance and learn alternative ways to season foods.  after this fast i am treating myself to some new bikinis (see photo), a mani-pedi, and eyebrow wax.  i will be spring ready!  and my favorite farmer's market will be opening up again so i will have access to tons of fresh local produce for eating and juicing!

today i feel:  still sluggish and tired.  i normally don't have any type of body odor smells for some odd reason, but i definitely notice some rank today *lol*.  hopefully, it's a signal of nasty things detoxing from my body.

hunger level:  5/10.  not as bad as yesterday.  i wouldn't say it is a "hunger" more than a craving of texture and salt.  like i said before, the juices leave you feeling unusually satisfied and full.  as long as i am taking in a variety of fruits and veggies, i feel satisfied.  every time i finish a juice, i get a boost of energy.  

weight loss:  3 pounds.  apparently a lot of the weight you lose at the beginning is water weight.  it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating nutritious foods and getting exercise in your routine to maintain your weight.

what i've had today:

  • orange, apple, pear, lemon juice
  • kale, cucumber, celery, carrot, apple juice
  • cucumber and lemon juice 
  • carrot and orange juice
  • celery and pear juice 
  • cucumber and pear juice 
  • tomato and carrot juice
  • orange, apple, pear juice
goals for tomorrow:  hopefully will be feeling more energetic tomorrow.  i will be drinking my juices with gusto and go on a nice walk.  for those of you wanting to try this and are worried about "temptation" around the house.  i've been still preparing meals for matt, but they've mostly been "cold meals" like sandwiches and stuff that aren't as tempting.  it may be harder to stomach cooking a feast with the smell of roasted garlic and everything but preparing small, quick meals has been no problem.  getting in lots of greens and beets, etc tomorrow.  the juicer i have at home right now will not juice greens or kale unfortunately so i am stuck with the veggies it can juice for now.  that is whats nice about being able to grab one at Luna's! 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

juice fast: day 2

i feel:  tired.  i was full of energy this morning when i got up and had plenty of energy to burn until about 1 p.m.  feeling sleepy and drowsy.
hunger level:  7/10 a lot more hungry today!  the juices are still satisfying and i did a better job today of drinking my juices throughout the day to quell my hunger.  didn't really begin to feel hungry until about 3 pm.  i noticed that "savory" juices like the tomato juice, when drank quickly, makes me feel very full afterwards.

weight loss2 pounds

still feeling good about the juicing.  getting a bit harder now for sure.  apparently the first 3 days are the hardest because your body is releasing all the toxins during these 3 days which can leave your body feeling drained.

what i've had today:

  • kale, orange, apple, lemon, ginger juice
  • coconut water
  • tomato, parsley, celery, cucumber juice
  • green apple, lemon, kale juice
  • coconut water
  • carrot, orange, pear juice
goals for tomorrow:  it's my day off, so i will be relaxing.  may try to do some "light exercise"...i.e. just go on a nice walk, if it's nice outside but nothing that exerts too much energy.

Monday, March 26, 2012

juice fast: day one

i feel:  sluggish.  didn't sleep well last night; period just started (of course).  i feel like the sluggishness/ clumsiness i'm feeling today is due more to other factors besides the juicing to be honest.
hunger level:  not bad, 4/10.  i feel relatively satisfied with my juices.  healthier than what i would normally eat.

so far i'm feeling positive and enthusiastic about the juice fast.  i was concerned that i would hate the  taste of most of the juices, but so far everything's been pretty good.  more satisfying for me than just munching on a plate of raw carrots, oranges and kale.  like i said, haven't been feeling too hungry except for when i first woke up.  then again, i ate a RIDICULOUS amount of food the night before which tends to make me feel starved in the morning when i wake up.  

what i've had today: (by 5 pm)
  • ionized water with lemon
  • kale, orange, apple, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, ginger juice
  • carrot, orange, ginger juice
  • tomato, parsley, cucumber juice
  • carrot, apple, kale juice
  • carrot, apple, kale, lemon, cucumber juice
  • carrot, orange, celery juice
goals for tomorrow:  focus on getting more greens and veggies in my juices during the day.  my juicer that i'm using at home does not juice greens very well so i need to make sure that i am getting them from Luna's!  dilute evening juices with more veggies that are easy to juice like cucumbers and celery to lower to sugar content going into the evening.  

hunger level going to bed:  3/10.  actually not feeling hungry at all this evening and pretty satisfied.  day one, accomplished!  

Sunday, March 25, 2012


  current stats:  i've gained **THIRTY** pounds since matt and i have gotten together 2 years ago!  sheesh!  i've gained most of it the first few months i stopped working at Anthro.  i'm at that age (29) where i have to watch my weight VERY carefully through diet and exercise.  and everyone knows i hate to exercise....but i was getting a lot from running around constantly at work.  so even though i don't eat terribly...i don't really pay attention to the amount of calories i'm taking in AND not exercising has caught up and packed on the pounds.  it is disheartening to gain weight and not be able to fit into your clothes, but also just feeling sluggish and tired all the time sucks too.  so here it is.

day one:
current weight: 153 pounds, yikes a size 8
goal weight: 125, my normal size 4
goal weight loss:  28 pounds
general goals:  increase in energy, ability to eat healthy to maintain weight instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on adding exercise to daily routine

i had a hard time finding a full-bodied photo.  here is pic of liz and i at the milestone halloween party 3 years ago.  this is the weight i like to be around that is good for my frame and height. 


ok i'm not gonna lie.  i'm not supposed to be eating a bunch of junky, heavy foods before my juice fast but i can't help it.  irene wanted to go to Bistro Le Bon for the sunday brunch, what can i say?

 felt guilty afterwards...after all that delicious french toast, cranberry scones, and i headed over to my local Trader Joe's to pick up some fresh organic produce to prepare for the 10-day juice fast.  80% of it was organic and the bill was less than $25!  the first thing everyone complains about with juicing is the "price" but the quality of food for the cost is soooo good.  i mean this is gonna last me a few days probably. 

 this is the Jack La Lanne juicer my mom let me borrow.  like i said i will be getting the bulk of my juices from Luna's Living Kitchen, where i am the juice bar girl, but i want to have access to a juicer at home as well in case i want to make some at home and for my days off. 

 a huge bowl of beautiful, glistening fruit!  ready to juice up!
 here is the breakdown of cost of fresh produce (pre-tax) for those of you wishing to get an idea:
  •  celery hearts (2 bunches) $1.79
  • washed kale (10 oz each) $2.29 each
  • 4 lb organic navel oranges 3.79
  • 1 lb organic carrots 0.89 cents each
  • 2 lb bag organic bartlett pears 2.49
  • 1 lb bag lemons $1.39
  • 2 lb bag organic pink lady apples $2.49 each
  • hothouse cucumber $1.79

 my first juice.  i want to make sure i am getting:
  • variety of fruits and vegetables
  • different sources of vitamins and nutrients
  • a balance of vegetables vs. fruit
this first juice was made with kale, carrots, celery, lemon, orange, and apple juice.

 verdict:  DELICIOUS!  and satisfying.  i have a hard time eating a lot of raw fruits or vegetables so it feels good to know i got all those yummy servings in this small glass.  and it tastes good too!  tomorrow is my first official day, wish me luck!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

fashion stalking: atlantic-pacific blog

i loooove atlantic-pacific blog.  i really tend to dislike purple. but love this color combination as a bright paired with a hot yellow.  making purple sexy again!  i'm dying for these strappy heels.  i would find some kind of excuse to wear them EVERY DAY.

matt's 34th birthday

this year for matt's birthday i was forced to come up with a "surprise".  i don't like surprises and i'm not really good at keeping a secret either.  we had mentioned going to Disney a while back and i thought that it could be a different kind of trip for us to take.  so i planned and saved for a couple weeks and we had a great time.

this was in january by the way...i'm just updating about it now because i didn't get to post all the pictures on my Tumblr because it was being an ass about page break that day--but don't get me started.

this trip was all about rides, sun, and cocktails!


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ponyo, my tiny neice

this little booger

little tiny tootsies

chewing on my dragon

a bug's life

today at work i was nervously diddling this thing in my hand while chatting with my co-juicer Matt.  i was poking this thing without looking at it like i was twirling my hair or something and then i felt a *pinch*.  i screamed because it was a weird lookin' nasty bug and i have no idea how it got there.  i think it was some kind of leaf bug!  anyways, gross story of the day. 

this photo here is from earlier this year at Freedom Park.  feeding some old hot dog buns out of a sad grocery sack to these geese.  they were mean and ungrateful for the bread and started chasing me around.  no more bread for the geese. 

things i am excited about today on this saturday:
  • the spring weather
  • my juice fast-- i cannot fail, everybody's watching
  • matt making money i hope
  • fitting back into my favorite perfectly worn Paige jeans in a size 4
  • my sweet, adorable cats--especially after watching "My Cat From Hell"
  • my neice Ponyo

a juice fast

my juice fast starts on monday.  i mean i figure this is the BEST time to try it.  i watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which she's been hassling me to watch and glad i finally did.  the guys in it basically go on a juice fast in an attempt to heal their bodies.  they both have a rare auto-immune disorder where they get hives all over their bodies.  the weird thing is i have a rare auto-immune disorder as well....alopecia areata, where my hair falls out leaving small bald spots when i get stressed out.  unfortunately i live a stressful life so if i don't figure this out my luxurious mane will be no more.

the stupid guys at work are giving me a hard time, but i am ready to feel re-energized with glowing skin and 30 pounds lighter.  i am turning 30 in a couple of months and i want to feel good about it!  after i lose this excess weight i've put on i can keep focusing on eating well and maintaining weight instead of trying to lose weight all the time.  everyone knows how damn lazy i am----i'm NOT trying to exercise.  and all of my lovely Anthropologie dresses and skirts and calling me from my dusty closet.  "why are you ignoring me for sweatpants and leggings?"  i was dressed like a homeless person today.  enough is enough!  so i enjoyed the horseradish-bacon quiche i made last night and will definitely eat more tomorrow *yum yum* and then i'll let y'all know daily how it's all going.

anyone else interested in trying this with me???

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

hello blogger! how have you been? i know i disappeared to Tumblr for a while, but now i realize that it is a photo roll and my posts are annoyingly rambling and long for my followers so i'm back here to ramble some more. i love Tumblr but sometimes i feel restricted on how much i can write and how many photos i really want to post. i will continue using Tumblr to post cool photos and random stuff but will be doing most of my blogging here...and hopefully adding outfit posts (post-juicing of course).  all the bloggers are doing it!