Tuesday, December 29, 2015

hair changes

new year new haircut!  i finally talked stewart into taking 20 minutes out of his day to cut all the dead ends of my hair.  i wanted the ends to have more texture, thickness, and bluntness.  i love the thinned out long hair for summer, but this feels healthy and pretty for winter.  i like it so far but am wondering if i should take the plunge and cut it even shorter?!  

Sea Clay mask

made these adorable Sea Clay mud masks as stocking stuffers for a few lucky ones this year!  clay masks are great for your face as a natural way to absorb impurities and heal your skin.  French Green Clay is also called sea clay and is known for its exfoliation, oil absorbing, pore-tightening properties.  it will boost the circulation in your face by bringing the blood to the surface and causes a light, tingling sensation.  

ready for that new year

i love opening a new planner with the blank pages ready to be filled, as cliche as that sounds!  it just mean opportunity!  what i fill these pages with is up to me!  i am going to start updating my Kitsch and Fancy Instagram more frequently with inspiration photos, process photos, and things I'm working on to keep my fans more in the loop!
the studio- my workspace

so at the top of my to-do list this year is to breathe new life into my workspace.  i had an amazing Etsy year in 2014 and then took it slow in 2015 partly by choice.  we had just moved into this apartment and i wanted to spend more fun time with Bryan and also was focusing more on my career at the studio as a stylist.  of course all of these distractions took a major toll on my sweet little Etsy store unfortunately.  well, i've enjoyed my nice year long break from it, but I've been feeling revitalized lately after this years Vintage Charlotte Winter market was so much fun.  so one of the first things i'd like to do for myself is to freshen up my work space.  it is a great functioning workspace right now, but i would love to give it a facelift to make the space more inviting and fun to work in and spend time in this year.  

i love the gorgeous natural light in the studio room.  there are two large windows (the windows are old, crank windows) that always let in beautiful sunlight with a gorgeous view of trees and sun from my desk and the foggy backyard in the other window.

view of the backyard meadow/creek

here are a few inspiration photos i found on pinterest as well as ideas i have for ways to brighten up and increase the functionality of my studio space.  enjoy the inpiration, i'll keep updating on the small additions as i update this space.  

1.  add fresh, new art on the walls.  i have a ton of local and Etsy art i've collected over the years hanging on my wall.  i'm ready to upgrade with some additional pieces and spend some money on nice framing.  my focus on the new art for my studio art will be inspirational and colorful pieces.  

i love the idea of splurging on a painting like this gliclee print by JolinasPrints $170 and building a color palette around that.  i want my main piece to be brighten my mood by just being in the room and this piece just does it for me!

i also love the idea of prettily written encouraging mantras like this beauty by thewheatfield $35 to give me that extra push when i need it.

i love how this space has a "cozy" area like this day bed where i would be able to sprawl out to work when i don't feel like being trapped at my desk all day.  don't really have the ability to make a cozy nook in my current studio space due to space constraints but an idea for the future!

loving these sawhorse style desks which have a classic, functional appeal along with a modern twist.  i like the the surface is big and flat and i can use my own desk accessories of storage.  this one is absolutely gorgeous but i am looking for functionality: something easy to keep clean!

love the idea of using a pegboard or anything else to add texture to a room along with extra storage as a pretty display.

earthiness of cork board 

clean simplicity, neutral colors with pattern

Sunday, December 27, 2015

an interview with Kitsch & Fancy

i've had a few days off from work for the holidays and have been having fun relaxing as well as getting some work done!  i cleaned the house and finally got my studio room set up again.  got caught up on some ideas i had floating around my head and some christmas presents done at the same time.  and then of course the internet goes out during a rainstorm so i have all this time on my hands and decide to look into this Handmade Marketplace book i picked up at a local gift shop.


i do feel like after a few years of having a successful Etsy shop i have a decent grip on things but there is alway so much to learn and absorb from others.  this year i am trying to get re-inspired because it has been feeling stagnant lately and i was just trying to push through and to be honest i think i was just feeling tired and overworked and ready for a short break.  this year was a soft year for me and i allowed it to get that way by prioritizing it to the back burner but i'm ready to get refocused. 

to do lists

i work really well on paper and like writing freely to digest my ideas and just getting them down on paper format helps a lot sometimes.  my mind is always brimming with ideas and to-do lists so this helps me get organized and not forget as much.  there were some questions in the book that i took the time to answer in my inspiration notebook.  basically it is an interview with myself!

building a bar cart

merry christmas to us!

bryan and i received this gorgeous bar cart from sissy this year for christmas.  i've been wanting one but haven't found the perfect one and this is it!  she even make the gorgeous mini cutting board on top for cutting limes and serving.  i already had supplies to get this cart started but will need to go shopping to pick up more supplies to keep this baby stocked.  now i just need to figure out a way to keep bryan from drinking it all......my mom got us a bottle of Hennessey pure white cognac which we already helped ourselves to about half the bottle with mulled spiced cider which was perfect as a Holiday cocktail.  also shown: a vintage pitcher, rag and bone shot glasses, glass pitcher and cups from anthropology, and paper straws.  what else should i get for my bar cart?!

christmas 2015

happy holidays friends!

holiday family photo 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

goals, goals, goals

my mantra for the year

i know it's corny because EVERYONE says it, but my favorite part of the new year is setting goals for myself and knowing i can start with a blank slate for the year.  like it's 2016 i haven't fucked up yet, cheers!  my goals fluctuate from year to year but there is a seriousness and agressiveness to my goals as of late because my of my age creeping up on me makes me push myself a little harder to make sure i am achieving them.

1.  focus on what drives me.  what gives me a purpose?  what am i actually good at?  am i putting energy towards the right things?  is what i'm doing making me happy or am i just getting by?  what would my perfect day be like?  what would i enjoy doing with my time?  do i feel like i am progressing daily?  these are the kind of questions  i will be asking myself as i try to re-focus my energies towards what drives me.  entrepreneurship drives me!  setting an aggressive schedule drives me.  using the creative side of my brain along with the analytical problem-solving side of my brain excites me!  

2.  continue my health and fitness journey this year with the help of my workout partner.  last year i was really proud of myself for getting into fitness classes and a regular routine.  i found some classes i really enjoyed and could see my fitness improving daily.  focusing on eating whole foods and healthy, balanced meals instead of focusing on calories really helped me slim down and feel healthy this year.  i kinda fell off this last couple months but that is what the holidays is for!  i am excited to get back on that pony in 2016!

3.  building and growing those relationships that matter (the end). 

4.  adulting goals:  seeing my sister buy her first house and her and brad making it into a home makes me crave it even more.  i would love to be in our own place by this time next year hosting christmas!  so excited to work on this one!

5.  i am painfully self-aware of my negative flaws (there are a lot unfortunately)  this year i will try harder to work on these things that can lead to negativity in my life.  

2015: my favorite things

2015 has been one of the best years for me!  only regret i have is that i haven't been updating my blog!  but i have an excuse, i've been crazy busy.  

the waterfalls at Hanging Rock

1.  hiking!  bryan took me on my first hike last december on the blue ridge parkway trail and i sprained my ankle!  ever since then i have been in love with hiking and we always use a nice day as an excuse to go.  i love the quiet and sounds of nature and just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other to get to a destination.  i tend to be an over thinker with my mind constantly racing so hiking is a great way for me to clear my head and just enjoy myself!

barre class with my favorite workout partner

2.  my sister and i joined the YMCA about the same a year and a half ago.  one of my best friends raves about the Y and i am impressed with her results, she has lost more than 80 pounds and is in great shape!  i love that it offers a variety of classes so that if you're new to working out you can figure out what type of classes you like but also you can make sure you get in a good variety of cardio, strength, flexibility classes.  my favorite that i discovered by far was barre! 

the natural light in our old apartment

3. my hood! bryan found the perfect apartment for us at the beginning of the year.  myers park is a gorgeous neighborhood and we are surrounded by some of the prettiest, historic mansions in the city.  our backyard looks like a foggy, rolling hillside in Ireland most mornings.  i have seen so many deer and bunnies hopping around our yard.  i've never noticed how cool park road shopping center really is!  it is walking distance from our place and has anything you'd ever need and most of it is locally owned.  juice bars, a hip new vietnamese restaurant, coffee shops, breakfast joints, a movie theater...but all with a vintage old-timey flair.

work work work!

4.  creativity!  trying to focus on the creative side of work and relishing in the fact that i can work in a field that is actually pretty fun (most of the time).  this year i want to focus on getting a few more outside creative styling projects under my belt.  a few of us got promoted to junior stylists at the studio this year which has been cool because i've been able to work on fun projects like instagram shots and specialty brands, etc.

hot air balloon fest

5.  doing stuff!  sometimes bryan drives me crazy because he is such a social butterfly and in constant need to go out and experiencing things and sometimes i just feel lazy!  but i am so grateful to have a partner that loves life and always wants to create new experiences.  he forces me to do and try things constantly against my will and i always end up enjoying myself and having an awesome new memory (and pictures!)

rolling fog on the mountain side, clacton farm

my best friend's big fat gay wedding

7.  weddings galore!  bryan and i have been on non-stop wedding weekends lately!  must be our old age!  they have been lovely, gorgeous, sweet, and funny.  i have been embarrassing and crying A LOT at these damn weddings! 

holiday vintage charlotte winter market 2015

8.  kitsch & fancy!  this was the 4th winter market i've participated in and it was absolutely insane!  love having my sissy as my partner in crime in these events because she takes it so seriously and we balance each other out well with what we're good at.  i pride myself on being a good salesgirl but it can be awkward hawking your own goods.  we've got this down to a science now and look forward to participating every year.  amy had a weeklong pop up shop downtown this year at the old goodyear building which was also a raging success.  etsy has been incredibly slow for me this year, but these events keep me energized and helps me refocus.