Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a look back at 2012


a birthday trip to Orlanda Universal Studios and Disneyworld!


Irene brings home Ponyo, my Chihuahua-daschund mixed neice!
started working at Luna's, a raw-vegan restaurant
Woody Harrelson and Flea caused a ruckus when they stopped into Luna's
Irene's birthday cake
jazzed up our bedroom by getting a bedframe (finally!)
finally set up the studio room for my Etsy shop
inherited shaughn's sofa and jazzed up the living room with some end lamps
a cabin and Jacuzzi in the mountains for my 30th birthday
visiting Irene and took a beach trip to Carolina Beach and did
some summer shopping
set our wedding date: October 20th...Las Vegas style and channeling Elvis
and Priscilla

purchased this gorgeous, sequined number by Parker for Vegas
picked up an awesome gig at RR Donelly as an assistant stylist
with a bunch of really cool girls, woot woot

 non-stop working working working and wedding planning!

 treated myself to these gorge Prada glasses

 my bachelorette party, thanks Liz!
our Las Vegas quickie wedding
we had the time of our lives!
two gorgeous thanksgiving pies at James and Matt's house
my friend Kelly Keith painted this gorgeous portrait of matt
and Theodore
lights, lights, lights for the Holidays!
2 successful craft fairs this month.  how fun!
Christmas Parties Galore!



I am so grateful for my new opportunity this year working at RR Donelly.  It's so awesome to be back in the fashion game, learning new things, and making tons of new friends.  I especially love that I can play dress up and be myself everyday and it's fine.  No rules, woot woot!  This upcoming year, I will be channeling the lovely Fashiontoast....especially that lithe body, LoL.  Time to put that gym membership to good use and maybe step back from Etsy for a while and focus on eating healthy and working out!

Monday, December 24, 2012

favorite beauty buys

I've gotten a ton of new beauty products lately because Irene and I have been makeup crazy ever since we got back from Las Vegas.  Some of my most recent favorites (all available at Sephora).

Buxom Big & Healthy Lipstick $19
So creamy and matte.  Stays on all day without leaving that nasty dry lip line that all-day lip glosses give you.  I've had so many people compliment my lip color!  I LOVE "monte carlo" this hot magenta color and I've also tried "shanghai" a deep, plum, red and "Bombay" a peachy nude and love all 3!
Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders, $70
I loved all the products in this little set which includes a collagen booster for day, a night gel, and a firming cream.  I use it after my evening scrub down with my Mia brush.
Makeup Forever Fake Lashes $16
Once you get the hang of applying a fake eyelash properly, you will be obsessed with wearing them all the time.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

and in 2012, matt and I got married!

love: Kate Spade crossbody

my new Kate Spade crossbody bag in classic bag leather.  ever since I started using the crossbody mini bag I bought for Las Vegas, as a "traveling" bag, I've been obsessed with the convenience and dying to find a good quality, classic I can carry everyday.  This one by Kate Spade was perfect and I got a great deal on it!  *woot woot*

the company Christmas party

Daisy, Me, Rafael "Dumpster Teddy's Daddy", Lauren
RRD's Christmas party last night was a blast.  However, I got wasted and wasn't able to go to the Mad Men party I was stoked to go to! *LAME*

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

baking: the Compost cookie

working on a batch of Momofuku Milk Bar's famous compost cookies....they are a famous bakery in NYC known for their wild cookie creations.  i have been purchasing these for Christmas gifts from William Sonoma, but had to make a batch to see what the fuss is all about myself...

annoyingly it does not include the chips or pretzels you need for the cookies.  you will also need to pick up an egg and some butter.  the recipe is definitely not the easiest in the world (you have to use an electric beater on the butter for 10 minutes!), but the results are yummy.
these diva cookies need to "rest and chill" in the fridge for at least an hour or longer to firm up.  an hour was enough for me, but i'm assuming the longer the better.  they only make 9 cookies!
the end result: 9 giant, thin, chewy, crisp cookies with a ton of texture and flavors.  I will probably make them again!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the cutest gift

look what I found under the tree!!!
a little Huey bear!

Holiday Decorating

I've been so busy lately with work, Etsy stuff, getting ready for craft shows, Sushi's vet visits, etc. that I didn't even notice that it was already almost mid-December and I hadn't done any holiday decorating yet!  First, I recycled the adorable holiday bunting I got from Etsy by draping it along the walls like so....

Lit my favorite Volcano candle, the mercury glass is perfect for holiday d├ęcor and put on some Christmas shows like I Love Lucy's Christmas episode, Tales from the Crypt, and Ren & Stimpy's Yaksmis Episode while decorating the little tree.
I replace my faux flowers throughout the apartment with more festive floral arrangements.
Our sassy little Christmas tree and some gifts underneath already!
the stockings are hung by the chimney with care....
lights along the archway
all lit up!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

dinner at Thai House

getting matt to try eating more Thai food!  doesn't he look happy?  we originally went to a place in Pineville called Sweet Teas because we heard one of our favorite shows "Restaurant Impossible" was being filmed there.  the line was too long, but we got to see Robert Irvine (he was like 10 feet away!) and then went and got really yummy Thai instead!
I look creepy and goth here
thai summer rolls and thai iced tea
thom yum soup
papaya salad
seafood pad see ew and tofu mussamon curry