Tuesday, May 22, 2012

lunch at 3 amigos.

the chorizo-queso at 3 amigos3 amigos is a local cantina in plaza midwood
with a big following.  known for their awesome specials and staying open late
on the weekends.

the perfect balance.  a light sprinkling of spicy chorizo, sweet caramelized onions,
and smooth, creamy queso.

2 empanadas.  one chicken one beef.  they were huge!
i loved that you could see the fork marks from them 
pressing the empanadas closed.  a little dry--but still delicious!

carne asada plate.  a tad bit dry.  i am always bad about ordering steak at
places i probably shouldn't.  haha, stick to the classics.

 matt doesn't know where to start with his giant chalupa.

so huge, delicious, and hand-fried with chicken and mexican cheese.

their tiny tacos are amazing.  they are fried almost like a little packet...
so the ingredients stay tucked inside perfectly.  this is our new go-to 
Mexican joint for sure!

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