Friday, May 4, 2012

music: Beach House

matt and i are taking a road trip to Charleston, SC for the Beach House show.  they're kind of a dreamy shoe-gazey type band, which is not normally my cookie, but i'm excited to get out of town and experience some music with my boo.

we decided that we would start doing more things (out in public), so this will be fun!  also, i've never been to Charleston, which is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL.

Charleston is known for it's historical buildings, Southern charm, and beautiful beaches.

found this image of  Beach House when i googled them.  painted by my pal Jeremy Okai Davis--the most talented painter i know!

here is a painting i commissioned from him a few years back for my (then) husband's birthday.  "radio flyer" is a portrait of jason and his best-friend josh..showing them in their true form.  2 dumbass little kids (that drink beer)!  *haha*  check out jeremy's website for more of his work.

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