Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five Things.

 Five things that have made me happy this week:
browsing at Sleepy Poet with my sister and Jenny.  Nothing like shopping with girls!
evening Sleepytime tea with my Keurig--which I am obsessed with.  I love getting into routines and doing things repetitively.  I have my warm tea and it conks me out immediately.
settling into my new home.  same old stuff, but feels more comfortable.  treating myself to a new patio set to freshen things up a bit.  can't wait to enjoy the REAL fireplace!
my sweet little nuggets.  Huey set her tail on fire the other day trying to cheer me up.  I think they love the new place, but it is quiet without the other two!  they are appreciating the extra attention.  just ordered them a new kitty condo--leopard print!  shhh!
eating what I want when I want!  some nights just some almonds and a couple Girl Scout cookies or maybe pizza.  it all goes!  <3 font="">