Thursday, May 17, 2012

setting up the studio part 1

the beginnings of the studio space
spent all day yesterday with matt rearranging the studio space for my transition of spending more time working at home.  we talked about how nice it would be to have a separate space that would be my "work" area where i could close the doors (no kitties!) and shut out the distractions and focus on work.  since our apartment is relatively small i'm sharing my space with matt's music equipment/ studio and it will double as a spare guestroom as well.  we keep our other nicer tv in this room and took it out of the bedroom (no more tv in bed!) so  overnight guests can be comfortable and have a tv too!

the best thing about this space is the natural sunlight!  i can also listen surround sound music on matt's speakers while working.  still have some work to do, but it's coming together well so far.

beginnings of a desk area

adding a dry erase calendar for scheduling

a wall clock: SUPER IMPORTANT!

this area needs work!  but i love the natural sunlight in this room

new cat-free pullout loveseat sleeper

organizing craft supplies into boxes

labeling is key!

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