Wednesday, May 16, 2012

changes part 2

i love this cutie little tank i got from Anthropologie.  hello! i look so good in green! *haha*  the peplum is a little short for me because i'm so thick-waisted (ew)....but it will be really cute paired with a pencil skirt or jeans and a cropped blazer.

and look at how adorable the back is!   it's the little things in life that make us happy... *hehe*

i've made a big decision (once again) to take some time off working at Luna's and focus on Etsy and my crafting again.  i've been super busy with orders and i wasn't really even trying to be busy.  how fun would it be to work from home doing something you love?  so i'm going down to part time at lunas and focusing the rest of my energy on building my business.   i'll be adding some new items (soy candles, vegan lip balms, etc) and trying to have more of a presence locally.  today matt and i worked tirelessly ALL DAY LONG on re-doing the "studio" room into a true workspace for both of us.  pictures to come!  it used to be a garbage room where we just threw junk into haha.  we got a cheapo pull-out loveseat from Ikea so we can lounge and watch tv or play our Wii while the other person is working.  i added curtains and reorganized my art supplies.  gave myself a big desk for a workspace, some new filing boxes and storage boxes.  now when i am "working" on my Etsy stuff i will treat it as a true workday.  get up, get dressed, go to my "office" (hehe) and work.  when i'm done i can relax in the living room. 

wish me luck!  xoxo

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