Saturday, February 9, 2013

a cozy porch

got news that I've got the apartment... which will mean I can move in in 4 days!  crazy!  i'm barely even packed yet.  picking up some boxes tomorrow and going some mad crazy packing the next few days.  I would love to get settled in by the end of the week and spend next weekend unpacking and finishing setting up.  I will be getting rid of a lot of stuff this time, just got too much crap to lug around. I want my space to be a little more streamlined and filled with only things I LOVE.  I love this image of this cozy background.  I can imagine sitting curled up with a blanket and hot cocoa reading a book with Sushi sitting next to me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

decorating on a budget

felted billy buds for my vases

i am pretty excited about living on my own for the first time.  how am i 30 years old and never lived completely by myself??  i hear it is a dream!  anyways, i am pretty excited by it except that i will have to do some MAJOR budgeting to afford living on my own.  that means more D.I.Y. projects with all my free alone time i will soon be having, LoL.  i promise to:  go to the gym (it is around the corner and one available at the complex!), cook myself delicious meals again (finally time to try all these recipes), work on DIY projects, build up my Etsy shop.

a corner bench made of old pallets

hand painted terra cotta pots for my patio

a cart made with an old crate

a pretty wall vase
a paper mobile
labeled floating herb garden
colorful pom pom wreath

Sunday, February 3, 2013

moving on

moving out of my lovely Dilworth apartment of 2 years.  I love the quirkiness of this old duplex, the rickety fireplace, and the gift shops and restaurants in this neighborhood.  but I am also excited about having closet space again!  here's looking back to 1400 Euclid Ave.


lunch at Miyagi's

tuna nachos, grilled bbq pork and shrimp
Irene and I popped into Miyagi's yesterday because we were curious to try this new Korean-fusion restaurant that just popped up in NoDa.  the owner is Korean but with training in American restaurants.  the "tuna nachos" appetizer was out of this world and we ended up ordering TWO orders like that fatties we are!  they were crispy, salty, spicy, everything you would want from an appetizer.  unfortunately the plate only comes with 4 which is not enough.  I want hundreds, like a bag of Doritos.  the rest of the meal was good, but nothing special.  I will definitely come back for those nachos again!  I feel like I'm going to start waking up in my sleep panting for those damn nachos.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Girls of Summer

lots of upcoming changes.......hopefully all positive ones.  I can say this: most of the time when I've been really nervous or scared of upcoming changes, they have almost always worked out for the better so I try to keep that in mind.  moving into my own apartment soon.  daunting but also exciting.  I will be excited about: having some me time, a walk-in closet, walking around the house in underwear eating almonds, going to the gym, watching Girls or Law and Order marathons without feeling bad about it.  i'm going to focus on getting things done instead of having too much fun-- gotta have balance!

the not-so-classic nude pump

I own a LOT of shoes....but for some reason I don't own enough classic pieces in my wardrobe.  I'm always attracted to crazy, statement pieces which leaves me with a closet full of loud, printed blouses and crazy platforms.  The models at my job are always like WHA WHA WHA??? when I tell them I don't own any nude or black pumps.  I never see any I like, or if I do, they are too high or uncomfortable.  I just ordered these adorable pumps by Chinese Laundry because I love the modern twist with the metallic toe and low heel.  I'll let y'all know how they work out!

Nude Leather Pump by Chinese Laundry, $95

Ebony Jaguar Cuff, $58 at Baublebar

I've been stalking this Jaguar Cuff for some time and even though I'm on a tight budget right now due to tax season....splurged on it anyway!  Excited to layer it with other gold baubles!