Saturday, May 5, 2012

a gathering with friends

a gathering with my friends always involves lots of junk food.  which is fine with me!  i always try to hang out on an empty stomach and tonight was no different.  my friend Lizzie Loo (i call her) hosted a hanging out sesh with a few girlfriends with snacks and Just Dance.

 the spread was awesome!  we ended up getting a lot more not pictured here.

UGH i told Liz about these damn number candles.  NO NUMBER CANDLES!

two of my favorites side by side:  corn dip and funfetti cupcakes

my friend Sarah is a pastry chef and i'm always excited to see what sugary creation she'll bring.  she brought cookies topped with Goji berries and mint cookies topped with almonds.  also a unique-tasting rice krispie treat.

gorgeous goji berries

these have a cool 'vintage' look to them

 Liz made these homemade sweet treats out of pretzels, sugared peanut butter, and chocolate

i got some cute presents.....this one is from Steffie!

lots of cool gifts.  the green scarf is from shaughn (perfect for Charleston *ahem*), bath bomb from Leanda, tealight candle from Maly, some boygirlparty gear from Liz.

Fifi Lapin:  a bunny fashionista.  Love this!


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