Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eek our art show!

Our art show is on Friday!! I still have THREE PAINTINGS to make. At least I have a day off tomorrow. I need a distraction anyway from personal stuff going on....I hope it's fun.


Monday, March 24, 2008


So thing's are going well right now. I am pretty much content with everything, except for the fact that my old apartment complex is hounding me for money that I don't owe them and it's slightly stressing me out. Andy moved out and I have been really productive with my artwork and creativity as of late. I think I just needed some time (instead of working so much) to breathe in order to be creative again. I have done more than 10 pieces already, and I'm almost done with everything for our upcoming art show. I think everything's going to look fabulous. I'll try to take lots of pictures! I wrote the artist statement last night, and Irene and I have to make some prints to sell at the show. I have two more pieces that I need to make and I want to work on some Stuffies, but other than that I am basically done. PLUS I did some major cleaning and everything in the house is clean and organized again. I've peeped a couple of Irene's pieces and they look AMAZING. I'm really excited to see everything up. I'm driving my car fine every day now, still not awesome at it, but greatly improved for sure. It's still really cold out so I haven't really exercised yet...I'm ready for some of this winter weight to come off dammit. I even got a sports bra today! (but I also got a bunch of sale easter chocolate, tsk tsk).

I got a new dress in my favorite color. I might wear it to the art show.

I love this vase. I use it for pens.

These are on a table in my bedroom. The little figurine is a vintage piece, the guy said that people are really into collecting figurines with polka dot bowties and that it's highly collectible or something. Whatever I love it. And the creepy thing next to it is an awesome vase that Corey (from Dish) made with a doll face on it. We traded. She wanted one of my stuffed things. It's filled with fake yellow flowers.

My little kitty hook. HOlding my infamous "S" necklace. Bling

Loooove this switchplate that I got from Amy Kay.

Mufficakes doing what she does best. Lounging on my bed. ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Boring Update.

Ugh I've been trying to be good about spending money but when you work somewhere like anthropologie it's really hard! I see something I want (that I probably don't need) everyday. Anyways I've got a couple of spring things this week, but I'll be done for financial situation is a little shaky lately. I haven't really made any money off my Etsy yet, it's kinda hard to find customers I think. Hopefully I'll make some money at the art show. I finally bought something from
, an etsy shoppe i really like. It should be here soon.


Just finished a collage-style piece with owls in it that I'm really happy with. I'm pretty content right now. Now I feel like I'm in a place where I can start doing shit I want to do again.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I guess Spring is finally here! I've dragged down my summer clothes from the attic but I can't find my box of sundresses! Thank God too, I always feel so fat and gross and unproductive in the cold weather. I've kicked everything up a notch the past couple weeks: got my new car (check), learned to drive stick shift (check!), scheduled our art show (check!), got work stuff situated (check!). Now I'm just working on the art show and hopefully will have time to work on the cookbook as well in between enjoying the nice weather. I've started joggin again too. So far this week for the art show I have the following (the ones with the asterisks are new pieces i have made this week)
"Baby Alpaca" watercolor/mixed media*
"Wombat Hill" watercolor/ink
"Red Panda" watercolor/ink
"Hedgehog" watercolor/ink*
"Bunny Eats Banana" watercolor/ink
"Girl with Tapir" watercolor/ink/mixed media*
"Forest King" watercolor/ink/mixed media*
"Beetlemania" acrylic on canvas*
"Lone Penguin" acrylic on canvas*

Everything will be from $25 to $100 so I'm hoping I will sell a lot! This is really exciting!

Sushi enjoying the sun.

Andy being a creepmonster.

Our house!

Monday, March 3, 2008

ARt Show!

So we finally booked our art show. It will officially be on Friday April 4th, the night of the Gallery Crawl. We are both starting from scratch and have a lot of work to do! I worked ALLLLLLLLL DAY and night today on my day off and got a lot done. My acrylic painting has improved a great deal since I first started and I am going to try to throw in a couple at least for some variety.

Here's the flier so far.