Sunday, April 22, 2012

ways to relax

swansea beach radio $39.99
i have been seeing all of these adorable little carry-around beach radios all over the place lately.  you basically just pop your ipod inside and it is an automatic boombox.  it is a water and sand-proof little radio that is battery operated and can go wherever you need some music.  finally decided to get this one because i thought it could be cute to set on our porch while we drink tea and play a board game or to put on some classical while taking a warm bath.  matt put all of my workout videos onto one drive and now that our studio room is cleaned out i can spread out my yoga mat and go at it.  no excuses now.  matt and i decided we need some new "relaxation" and de-stress activities in our lives and have come up with a list of things we will incorporate into our routine:
**board games--learning to play chess!
**music and bubble baths
**took the tv out of the room and brought in a record player instead
**daily walks around our lovely neighborhood
**reading before bed
**hiking, tennis, kite-flying and other physical activities
**pre-planning healthy meals to take the stress out of figuring out what to make and eat!

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