Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring re-decorating

irene's apartment
what is it about Spring that makes everything seem new again?  all the beautiful flowers, nasty inchworms, and farmers markets makes me want everything to feel fresh and new again.  time to re-decorate!  my decorating scheme has ALWAYS been buy what you like and make it work.  i don't really believe in the pre-planning and "buying" a whole room at once, but then again, my apartment is also cluttered with junk! *lol*  strange, my sister and i have a really similar home style.  a well-curated display of crap.  one man's crap is another one's treasure! 

anyhoo, matt and i decided that instead of up and moving to a new place like we like to do when we start getting try to make our space work better for us.  we love our apartment location in Dilworth (less than 2 minutes from both of our jobs!) and other things about it.  the cats love the windows and being able to sit and look out into the street and greenery.  we definitely aren't making the best use of our extra room and attic, that's for sure. 

cluster of artwork from my last apartment
we decided we would focus on re-vamping our bedroom to make it lovely and cozy instead of a "sleeping room" like it currently is.  i have a hard time keeping the room nice looking because i am bratty about my closet space and the closet space in these quirky duplexes always suck! 

our second room i would love to convert to a music room for matt and art studio room for me with a comfy maybe pull-out sofa or something so it can double as a guest room.  we are also finally getting a new sofa, even though i am scared my evil cats will shred it to pieces like they have my favorite huge chair.

a table of accessories at my apartment

irene's shoe rack.  so smart!  the horrors of a huge wardrobe and tiny space.
i've always lived in pretty small spaces for how much "stuff" i have and been pretty good at the challenge of utilizing wall space for storage.  i own a ton of hooks for jewelry and accessory storage.  i also use hooks to display oven mitts and anything else that can be hung on a wall!  fortunately, every apartment i've had recently has had huge walk-in closets for my large wardrobe and shoes....until this one!  now i have clothes and shoes scattered everywhere and need to come up with creative solutions to how to store all my crap. 

irene and i both worked in retail as merchandisers so we are pretty creative with coming up with display and storage solutions.  like her ingenius shoe display shown here.

irene's displays her glasses

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