Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bedroom inspiration part 1

rivulets quilt from anthropologie $348
one thing i never get tired of is new bedding!  i have many that i love and get softer and break in over time.  matt is really picky about bedding though and only likes the weight of one of the least favorite one of course, so i think it's time to freshen up and bring in some new bedding.  i've been eyeing the rivulets collection from anthropologie for a while now and almost bought the coral, until the goldenrod color came out.  now the yellow is sold out and this gorgeous cobalt blue is available which is my absolute favorite of them all.  the cobalt is a season-less color and i will be able to mix and match bedding accessories to make is fit for spring or winter.  it is also a luxurious, breathable jersey which i love also.  what do we think?

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