Wednesday, April 11, 2012

lunch at saigon palace

saigon palace is an old-school Vietnamese restaurant on South Blvd that's been around forever.  my mom loves it and irene was craving good Vietnamese so we went for her birthday.  she says she has yet to find good vietnamese in Durham.  i always order a taro bubble tea if it's available because it's my favorite.  i love anything taro, ever since i was a little kid.  my mom used to make taro spring rolls for me when i was little as long as i would peel and wash the root vegetable for her first.  and also it is a cool light purple color.  *neato*

Vietnamese iced coffee: irene's beverage of choice.  syrupy sweet, but a delicious treat!  we steep coffee by the glass with a french press.  mix with a good bit of condensed sweeten milk and pour over ice.

fresh summer rolls with jicama and chinese sausage.  a light appetizer served with hoisin peanut sauce.  stuffed with fresh mint and basil traditionally.

i had grilled pork chop served with nuoc mam (fish sauce) over broken rice with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, and pickled carrots/daikon.

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