Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring redecorating

i've always been a lazy shopper.  such a lazy shopper.  not the type to do any research or care if i'm getting the best deal.  just impulsive and buying the first thing i like and getting it over with. 

i had to get *thrifty* after i left my job at Anthropologie and find ways to scrimp on cash without hindering my lifestyle.  i tried coupon-ing (twice)---it was annoying, i wasn't good at it, and the food was all crap.  i wanted to keep trying new restaurants so i learned about the wonders of Groupon and other half-off sites like it.

you can tell by looking at my closet and apartment that i tend to gravitate to the same things (quirky, colorful) without much thought to where it can go or if i have a use for it.  with our redecorating project i wanted to focus on adding a touch of sophistication but maintaining my style.  i will have to re-"merch" (a retail term, ha!) some of my things and get rid of other things.  i will probably do a lot of re-painting to tone down some of the crazy colors.  lastly i want to add neutral colors to my space as well.  i've never owned a legit bed with a headboard and frame and everything so i had to snatch this one up from overstock when i saw it. 

came home the other day to find that matt had frantically re-arranged everything in all the rooms of the house!  normally, as a control freak, i would freak out--but i actually thought it looked pretty good and i was excited that he was excited to finally jump in and help with decorating and making better use of our space.  got rid of some scary old furniture and making a few purchases...i will post photos of before and after when we're done.  now that i am in the mindset i am ready to re-do everything! 

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