Friday, April 20, 2012

a real life bed

our gorgeous tufted headboard and platform bed arrived today.  i put together this damn thing with these two bare hands!  it's the first headboard/ bed i've had....ever!

time to be a big girl, no more boxspring/mattress on the floor.  i got it from Overstock and it was a great deal.  umm did i mention the freaking instructions were missing from one of the boxes?!!!  i had to figure it out like some kind of puzzle detective which was annoying but satisfying once i finished.

so happy that i chose a neutral color--like i said to offset all the crazy colors and prints everywhere.

BEFORE:  lots of clutter....(didn't even clean my room for this pic!)
clothes out in the open on a rack...*ick ick ick*

we also changed the direction of the bed and utilized my small bookshelves
as end tables for extra book storage.  one side with my art and crafty books
and on matt's side all his weirdo books.

i like to bring out my Bella quilt which i've had for years since before i worked
at Anthropologie during the warmer months because it's a lighter quilt.

 ordered a "microfiber" sheet set in the green paisley color.  i am OBSESSED with
printed sheets.  what a surprise!  you will be pleasantly surprised how you can
basically keep layering and layering prints and it just works.  matt is super
picky about sheets and thinks they're all rough and terrible so i'm hoping these
are baby soft like people say.

other upcoming bedroom projects:  painting this vintage vanity.
i'm thinking a glossy seafoam green!  perhaps installing a pretty mirror
so i can do my makeup since it is facing a window now?

  • in search of a vintage dresser to make more space for matt's (mostly mine) clothes.
  • finding a pretty floor rug for the kitties to curl up on at the edge of the bed.
  • new mini-kitty condo by the window for the babies.
  • switching out the yucky plastic hamper for a pretty wicker one.
  • finding a bench or storage trunk to keep at the foot of the bed.

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