Wednesday, April 4, 2012

home: redecorating for spring

 my mantle.  tends to get cluttery with lots of things that i love.

lots of birdcage items

living room: lots of pattern and color. quilt by APC for anthropologie, vintage chair, vintage coffee table

re-decorating:  finding a comfortable yet stylish sectional sofa.  we have a relatively small living room so it can't be huge but matt and i spend a lot of time in the living room and like having people over so comfy seating is a priority.  framing more artwork to fill in some of the wall space.  working in more solids to tone down the print.  making more DIY hanging paper balls with all the tutorials floating around.  keeping the quirk and kitsch of my style but maybe trying to make it a little more grown up.  i noticed that instead of all the crazy brights i used to be drawn too, i am leaning more towards neutrals and toned down colors and pretty prints.

bane of my existence/ love of my lif--dilemma.  i love this freaking cozy chair i bought last summer.  i got it for my studio room but couldn't get it through any of the doorways!!!  so it is trapped in the living room for now which limits our sectional sofa space.  also the kitties love it, see photo.

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