Sunday, April 8, 2012

vintage owls & birthdays

this vintage owl was a gift from my friend steffie.  it's the simple things i life that make us happy.  haha*  the weather has been beautiful, albeit a bit chilly the past few days.  it's been so nice to not focus constantly on dieting and calorie-counting and just eating healthy and going on walks.  obviously i will probably have to start exercising for real if i want to drop these few pounds *ick*.  the good news is the weather is nice so it will be easier to drag myself outside for a nice jog or game of ping pong.

in a few days (three to be exact) it will be my little sister's birthday!  we are "Irish twins" which means that we were born within a year of each for a few weeks out of the year we are the same age.  she is turning 29 and i will turn 30 on may 1st.  haven't decided what we will do for birthday festivities yet, but we're just excited to hang out and also to see my little neice Ponyo.

i was thinking of doing a day at the park so Ponyo could come and bringing a nice cake and fancy picnic fare.  we used to make the biggest deals out of our birthdays, but the older you get, the simpler they get. 

this year for my birthday i want to spend time with family and friends, have a nice cake, and have some good meals.

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