Thursday, March 29, 2012

spring time

i can't believe i failed my juice fast!  ohhhh it's ok, i was half expecting it anyhoo.  i still did a mini-cleanse and it gave me motivation to get healthy for the Spring season.  i want to be able to wear my favorite high-waisted linen shorts (shown here, last year). 

i still plan on juicing my dinner a night or two a week...continue eating yummy light meals from Luna's and with local organic veggies from the farmers market which will open later this week!

i will also be utilizing the gym that i joined earlier this year that my friends all go to.  


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say you failed. 3 and a 1/2 days is pretty damn good for not having any real real food. You did well mama. How much weight did you lose total? I think I want to try it cause I've been eating so badly theses past few days.


sophiecakes said...

Hey girl! i ended up not losing anything! or maybe a pound or so? that's part of the reason i quit haha. i was juicing a lot of fruit, which still has a lot of calories, so i was still taking in almost 1700 calories a day! when i diet, i try to take in less than that! sooooooo it is still good for detoxing but not for a way to lose weight unless you are really extremely overweight. i am coming up with a good eating plan though, but now i need to exercise to blech, so i will probably tag along with you an jenny!