Saturday, March 24, 2012

matt's 34th birthday

this year for matt's birthday i was forced to come up with a "surprise".  i don't like surprises and i'm not really good at keeping a secret either.  we had mentioned going to Disney a while back and i thought that it could be a different kind of trip for us to take.  so i planned and saved for a couple weeks and we had a great time.

this was in january by the way...i'm just updating about it now because i didn't get to post all the pictures on my Tumblr because it was being an ass about page break that day--but don't get me started.

this trip was all about rides, sun, and cocktails!

 Theodore is like "bring me with u daddy".  the babies LOOOOVE getting all up on our suitcases when we are gearing up for a trip.  they are sooo smart!

checked into our "Castle" themed hotel in Orlando after a long, but nice drive.  this hotel was full of cheap (scary) kitsch like this creepy goblin that greeted us by the front desk.  i don't know what a wizard has to do with Disney?

a crazy light fixture

mosaics galore

first day we spent at Downtown Disney being all touristy. decided to go all the way and head to Planet Hollywood for an early dinner.  it was uber cheesy just the way we like it.

i got really excited and knew a good time was to be had when i saw CHUCKY while we were waiting to be seated.

first cocktail of many to come

the crazy ceilings at Planet Hollywood Orlando

cocktails in a movie theater?  yes please

in front of a lego land Loch Ness monster

Who Framed Roger Rabbit--one of my favorite movies EVER.  starstruck.

matt couldn't stop talking about this BBQ burger from Planet Hollywood


welcome to Universal Studios!

the pug from Men in Black.  he was so polite!

a lovely aquarium at Lombarde's seafood restaurant

the creamy lobster bisque was delicious

mmm clam chowder


mussels marinara

steak and boursin sandwich

a fish fountain

the simpsons 3D ride was my favorite ride!  i can't believe how far 3d has come.  so intense!

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