Monday, March 26, 2012

juice fast: day one

i feel:  sluggish.  didn't sleep well last night; period just started (of course).  i feel like the sluggishness/ clumsiness i'm feeling today is due more to other factors besides the juicing to be honest.
hunger level:  not bad, 4/10.  i feel relatively satisfied with my juices.  healthier than what i would normally eat.

so far i'm feeling positive and enthusiastic about the juice fast.  i was concerned that i would hate the  taste of most of the juices, but so far everything's been pretty good.  more satisfying for me than just munching on a plate of raw carrots, oranges and kale.  like i said, haven't been feeling too hungry except for when i first woke up.  then again, i ate a RIDICULOUS amount of food the night before which tends to make me feel starved in the morning when i wake up.  

what i've had today: (by 5 pm)
  • ionized water with lemon
  • kale, orange, apple, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, ginger juice
  • carrot, orange, ginger juice
  • tomato, parsley, cucumber juice
  • carrot, apple, kale juice
  • carrot, apple, kale, lemon, cucumber juice
  • carrot, orange, celery juice
goals for tomorrow:  focus on getting more greens and veggies in my juices during the day.  my juicer that i'm using at home does not juice greens very well so i need to make sure that i am getting them from Luna's!  dilute evening juices with more veggies that are easy to juice like cucumbers and celery to lower to sugar content going into the evening.  

hunger level going to bed:  3/10.  actually not feeling hungry at all this evening and pretty satisfied.  day one, accomplished!  


Ach Lee said...

can you make me one to try?

sophiecakes said...

yes mam of course!