Saturday, March 31, 2012

dinner at dilworth neighborhood grille

 as part of mine and matt's attempt at a "healthier" lifestyle, we are going to only go out to eat once a week at the most.  we decided we will allow ourselves to have whatever we want, but i do want to make sure i still make somewhat healthier choices--instead of burger and fries all the time!

dilworth neighborhood grille is famous for their delicious crabcakes.  the spicy aoli is so good.  definitely a splurge ;). 

 the crabcakes have a nice crisp outside and a meaty, crab flavor (not a lot of bread).  not the healthiest, but worth it!

i had their spicy ahi tuna wrap and homemade potato chips.  it was soooo yummy and more satisfying than the huge steak i had last time too.

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