Sunday, March 25, 2012


ok i'm not gonna lie.  i'm not supposed to be eating a bunch of junky, heavy foods before my juice fast but i can't help it.  irene wanted to go to Bistro Le Bon for the sunday brunch, what can i say?

 felt guilty afterwards...after all that delicious french toast, cranberry scones, and i headed over to my local Trader Joe's to pick up some fresh organic produce to prepare for the 10-day juice fast.  80% of it was organic and the bill was less than $25!  the first thing everyone complains about with juicing is the "price" but the quality of food for the cost is soooo good.  i mean this is gonna last me a few days probably. 

 this is the Jack La Lanne juicer my mom let me borrow.  like i said i will be getting the bulk of my juices from Luna's Living Kitchen, where i am the juice bar girl, but i want to have access to a juicer at home as well in case i want to make some at home and for my days off. 

 a huge bowl of beautiful, glistening fruit!  ready to juice up!
 here is the breakdown of cost of fresh produce (pre-tax) for those of you wishing to get an idea:
  •  celery hearts (2 bunches) $1.79
  • washed kale (10 oz each) $2.29 each
  • 4 lb organic navel oranges 3.79
  • 1 lb organic carrots 0.89 cents each
  • 2 lb bag organic bartlett pears 2.49
  • 1 lb bag lemons $1.39
  • 2 lb bag organic pink lady apples $2.49 each
  • hothouse cucumber $1.79

 my first juice.  i want to make sure i am getting:
  • variety of fruits and vegetables
  • different sources of vitamins and nutrients
  • a balance of vegetables vs. fruit
this first juice was made with kale, carrots, celery, lemon, orange, and apple juice.

 verdict:  DELICIOUS!  and satisfying.  i have a hard time eating a lot of raw fruits or vegetables so it feels good to know i got all those yummy servings in this small glass.  and it tastes good too!  tomorrow is my first official day, wish me luck!


Crabtree said...

And you invented a new color!

sophiecakes said...

haha! yeah matt...."murky brown"....delicious!