Saturday, March 24, 2012

a juice fast

my juice fast starts on monday.  i mean i figure this is the BEST time to try it.  i watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which she's been hassling me to watch and glad i finally did.  the guys in it basically go on a juice fast in an attempt to heal their bodies.  they both have a rare auto-immune disorder where they get hives all over their bodies.  the weird thing is i have a rare auto-immune disorder as well....alopecia areata, where my hair falls out leaving small bald spots when i get stressed out.  unfortunately i live a stressful life so if i don't figure this out my luxurious mane will be no more.

the stupid guys at work are giving me a hard time, but i am ready to feel re-energized with glowing skin and 30 pounds lighter.  i am turning 30 in a couple of months and i want to feel good about it!  after i lose this excess weight i've put on i can keep focusing on eating well and maintaining weight instead of trying to lose weight all the time.  everyone knows how damn lazy i am----i'm NOT trying to exercise.  and all of my lovely Anthropologie dresses and skirts and calling me from my dusty closet.  "why are you ignoring me for sweatpants and leggings?"  i was dressed like a homeless person today.  enough is enough!  so i enjoyed the horseradish-bacon quiche i made last night and will definitely eat more tomorrow *yum yum* and then i'll let y'all know daily how it's all going.

anyone else interested in trying this with me???

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