Saturday, March 24, 2012

a bug's life

today at work i was nervously diddling this thing in my hand while chatting with my co-juicer Matt.  i was poking this thing without looking at it like i was twirling my hair or something and then i felt a *pinch*.  i screamed because it was a weird lookin' nasty bug and i have no idea how it got there.  i think it was some kind of leaf bug!  anyways, gross story of the day. 

this photo here is from earlier this year at Freedom Park.  feeding some old hot dog buns out of a sad grocery sack to these geese.  they were mean and ungrateful for the bread and started chasing me around.  no more bread for the geese. 

things i am excited about today on this saturday:
  • the spring weather
  • my juice fast-- i cannot fail, everybody's watching
  • matt making money i hope
  • fitting back into my favorite perfectly worn Paige jeans in a size 4
  • my sweet, adorable cats--especially after watching "My Cat From Hell"
  • my neice Ponyo

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