Wednesday, March 28, 2012

juice fast: day 3

day 3 of my juice fast.  still feeling a little sluggish and tired today from all the toxins exiting my body.  i did notice my tounge felt sludge-y this morning when i woke up and my breath was stinkier than normal.

it is true though that your tastes adjust and i'll be honest that i didn't really enjoy the taste of juices before this, and now i really like them.  even the super vegetable-y ones.  i also feel good about being so hydrated and taking in a lot of liquid.  i tend to be dehydrated on most days because i just don't think about taking in enough liquids.  i definitely have a new-found appreciation for juicing as well as for eating!  *hehe*

i love the idea of a "cleanse" because it gives you a feeling of a fresh start.  after this cleanse, i will have a new appreciation for food again and really focus on making sure i am taking in yummy and healthy foods to fuel my body.  i have a tendency to get lazy and eat a lot of processed foods when i get busy.  now i know i can grab a fresh-made juice that will give me energy and a boost of nutrients.  i used to be vegan years ago, and i remember how it makes you really *think* about all the food you are putting into your body because you can't just eat anything and everything the way everyone else can.  it really made me more educated on food in general and pay attention to balance and learn alternative ways to season foods.  after this fast i am treating myself to some new bikinis (see photo), a mani-pedi, and eyebrow wax.  i will be spring ready!  and my favorite farmer's market will be opening up again so i will have access to tons of fresh local produce for eating and juicing!

today i feel:  still sluggish and tired.  i normally don't have any type of body odor smells for some odd reason, but i definitely notice some rank today *lol*.  hopefully, it's a signal of nasty things detoxing from my body.

hunger level:  5/10.  not as bad as yesterday.  i wouldn't say it is a "hunger" more than a craving of texture and salt.  like i said before, the juices leave you feeling unusually satisfied and full.  as long as i am taking in a variety of fruits and veggies, i feel satisfied.  every time i finish a juice, i get a boost of energy.  

weight loss:  3 pounds.  apparently a lot of the weight you lose at the beginning is water weight.  it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating nutritious foods and getting exercise in your routine to maintain your weight.

what i've had today:

  • orange, apple, pear, lemon juice
  • kale, cucumber, celery, carrot, apple juice
  • cucumber and lemon juice 
  • carrot and orange juice
  • celery and pear juice 
  • cucumber and pear juice 
  • tomato and carrot juice
  • orange, apple, pear juice
goals for tomorrow:  hopefully will be feeling more energetic tomorrow.  i will be drinking my juices with gusto and go on a nice walk.  for those of you wanting to try this and are worried about "temptation" around the house.  i've been still preparing meals for matt, but they've mostly been "cold meals" like sandwiches and stuff that aren't as tempting.  it may be harder to stomach cooking a feast with the smell of roasted garlic and everything but preparing small, quick meals has been no problem.  getting in lots of greens and beets, etc tomorrow.  the juicer i have at home right now will not juice greens or kale unfortunately so i am stuck with the veggies it can juice for now.  that is whats nice about being able to grab one at Luna's! 



IreneNguyen said...

I want to try this

sophiecakes said...

yes mam you should definitely try this! after i'm done i can send mom's juicer your way...and some recipes