Thursday, March 29, 2012

juice fast: day 4

today i feel:  energetic when i woke up.  not gonna lie, had a hard time getting in as many juices as i'd like to because i was busy today at work.

hunger level: 6/10.  hungry today because i wasn't taking in enough juices.  like i said, the heartier, savory juices make you feel full.  i am craving salty things (i'm a savory girl all the way!) and healthy food like Luna's skinny wich rather than the junkier foods i normally crave.

weight loss: 1 lb

what i've had today:
  • kale, grapefruit, orange, lemon juice
  • beet, carrot, orange juice
  •  fennel, cucumber, celery, spinach juice
  • Luna's Power Cleanser:  beets, parsley, carrots, cucumber
  • Chopped chicken thai salad with fresh ginger, peanuts, chili and lime
    juice <--what?!  ---see below

oh, i feel as though i've let everybody down!  i felt light-headed and hungry when i got home and decided to have a salad from the thai restaurant nearby.  i didn't eat much, but i ate!  i guess a 3-day juice fast is a more realistic goal for a beginner?  i did 4 days and the next 6 days seemed a bit daunting.  like i said before, my juicer at home doesn't really juice leafy greens, so i was taking in mostly fruit juices at home when i wasn't picking them up at Luna's.  which meant....lots of sugar!  so i was taking in more calories than i wanted... the good news is, i got a taste for juicing!  i definitely appreciate the taste a lot more now, the nutritional benefits, and the boost of energy a fresh veggie juice can give you.  i would like to try juice fasting on a regular basis and build up the ability to go for 10 days.  i also want to start having a large veggie juice in place of dinner a couple nights a week when i've had a hearty lunch--to help maintain weight and get those extra vitamins and minerals.  like i said, they are curiously filling and's okay that i FAILED miserably this time, but i did 3-1/2 days, which is better than nothing, and i will try again soon! 

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