Thursday, January 31, 2008

My costume!

So Andy's birthday party is tomorrow, and in his usual weirdness, the theme is "Be free with your friends in the Trees"---dress up as your favorite tree dwelling animal. And luckily my new favorite animal that I'm obsessed with happens to be a tree dweller.....THE RED PANDA!

They're herbivores, slightly bigger than a normal cat. I bet Mufficakes is bigger than a lot of them!

Look how cute they are! My costume won't be that great, considering how crafty I am, I reallllllly hate costumes and I'm always lazy and uncreative about costumes. So I'm going to make a simple felt tail and ears and work with this sweatshirt I got at Value Village. I don't even know if it will be post worthy. I do need to paint my face somehow!

I'm doing well so far with my Etsy goal. Today's new item that I'm uploading is the Pink and Green Dottie Earrings. They are $7. View them at my etsy shop.


Allison said...

Adorable! Makes me want to create a Red Panda out of felt :]

Stuff by Sophie said...

yeah i actually made it really quick out of a red sweatshirt i bought and it turned out pretty cute! and it was really quick and easy. it just appeared in my head. haha. anyways i'm gonna post pictures of it later.