Friday, January 4, 2008

Winter ''s cold.

So now it's really really cold. Which I guess winter should be cold, so I should be glad. Next week will be ridiculously warm again (almost 70). I love our house. I am not working much right now, so I am working on trying to sell arts and crafts and selling stuff on craigslist, etc. I set up my room a little more today so at least now it's comfortable to be in. It's helping me sleep better. Probably chi or something. I also got a mini kitty condo for Muffin and Sushi so they would not lay in our bed all the time.

I think they like it. Here's Muffin lounging like a goddess on her window perch. We surrounded it with plants so it would feel more like the jungle or nature.

It was awesome having friends home, but I'm glad I can focus on getting shit done that I need to get done now that everyone's home doing their own thing. joe, andy, and russ.

Things I need to do this week:
**Finish setting up the studio
**Finish a few paintings
**Take product photos and update my etsy account
**start working on my cookbook
**plan the Tea Party

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