Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's

So now that New Year's is finally over, friends are leaving town again, I'm not working all the time....I can finally start catching up on projects I want to work on. First, we need to finish getting settled into the new house, there is still stuff everywhere. I'm only working at Anthropologie and 300 east for 20ish hours a week, which is enough to pay bills---I will spend the rest of my time being productive and pursuing other creative ventures. Project one is a vegan cookbook with color illustrations that I am going to make through www.lulu.com. It's going to be a book of my own recipes and filled with drawings and doodles. I am going to make copies to give to family and friends, and make some extra ones to sell online and at craft bazaars. This should be a fun project, I'm so excited about it!!! I'm trying to decide between plastic coil pages or saddle stitch pages....also will try to do a children's softcover book eventually, but I always have a hard time writing the storyline. A book of black and white drawings to sell as a coloring book. And a personal book of photographs of artwork for myself. I am also going to start working on printing things at my CAFEPRESS store. They make these great big canvas tote bags that are good as grocery bags. So I need to come up with a rad design for one of those. I think those are pretty big goals for 2008 so far....

Later 2007. It was fun while it lasted.
Elon and Irene

Sophie and Erica

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