Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vintage Charlotte Holiday Market

this year's Vintage Charlotte Holiday Market was a huge success!  Vintage Charlotte is a pop-up market at the Fillmore with more than 50 handpicked vendors specializing in handmade and vintage goods.  there were more than 2000 visitors this year and my Kitsch and Fancy booth was basically slammed from the time we opened at 10!  thank god for my little assistant Irene or I woulda been in the weeds!  she definitely took charge and helped me manage the craziness.  we didn't even get to eat our breakfast biscuits!  this year's market was soooooooo fun, I can't wait to participate in the next one.  I will definitely be better prepared next time for the insanity, but was happy for the success we had anyway.
{HELLO!  cheesing at my booth}
{stacks on stacks on stacks}
{made plenty of signage listing each scent}
{fresh linen, my most popular scent at my Kitsch and Fancy Etsy shop}
{brought plenty of festive holiday scents like the Pumpkin Spice soap bar}

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