Sunday, November 3, 2013

in the fields

finally got hired on full-time at RR Donnelly as an assistant stylist!  woo!  the life of a freelancer can be kind of stressful sometimes, not the life for me.  i'm a Taurus that craves stability.  I made it a goal this year to start working on more creative projects outside of work, like styling fashion shoots for my portfolio.  this weekend I worked on my first test shoot with Mark Hanson and my favorite model Kaitlyn Johnston.  here are some behind the scene phone snapshots from the shoot.  such a beautiful, perfect day for a shoot.  the sun was amazing, the wind gave us the exact amount of breeze we needed for a windswept look.  the outfits turned out amazing.  love love love!  I can't wait to see the final shots.  Mark sent me some inspiration shots that were a little grungier.  The shots were beautiful, but I added a little
femininity to the styling by adding a lot more jewelry, a little more color, and showing some skin to make the outfitting less heavy.  I wanted the styling to be a little younger and sexier and hopefully the final product will reflect that.  stay tuned!

instagram shot of one of our first shots. kaitlyn was such a trooper!
look at that beautiful landscape.
close up of our little beauty.  I chose lots of heavy jewelry that I thought would photograph well.  added a belt to this look to give it a little shape and sexiness.


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