Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holiday Vintage Market

had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun at the Holiday Vintage Market yesterday.  Vintage Charlotte is a bi-yearly pop-up event held at the Fillmore.  there were a ton of good vendors, but i was too busy to shop (a good and a bad thing?).  here i am not looking very cute behind my table before the morning bum-rush.  my sister helped me this time and was the best little assistant.  we didn't go home with too much left over.  a very successful day!  i always use crates and shelves from around the house as risers for display to keep the table interesting.  i also bring some of my vases with flowers and handmade signs for all the different scents i offer.  sorry for the poor quality of photos, it was dark in there and we were so rushed!


{kitsch and fancy holiday pack: pumpkin spice, holiday berries, maple pecan streusal, balsam fir tree $20}

{purchases from Bly Design, i love it all!}

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