Thursday, June 28, 2012

wedding on a budget: inspiration

{a glamorous Priscilla Presley}

so matt and i decided to elope in Las Vegas this fall.  but then we decided we could do a teeny-tiny ceremony for our closests friends and family.  the main things i wanted:  it should be fun and not super-serious, easy, and affordable *gulp*.  we don't really have anything saved for this thing and kind of doing it on the fly like we always do, but i have a feeling it will still feel special, fun, and very "us".  we are doing the Elvis thing in Vegas, more details to come and i would like to go for a modern-day Priscilla Presley look.  i have always thought she was BEAUTIFUL and oh-so-stylish, so it will be perfect.  we both favor big, dark hair, and dramatic cat-eye makeup and a light lip, so hopefully it will be easy.

here is a more modern-day, tousled look that i love.  maybe something like this with a pretty barrette or headband?

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