Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sleepy poet

moving on up!  got a sectional sofa from my bff shaughn.  he was sad to get rid of it, but just got a job with Calvin Klein in NYC (eek!) so obviously can't take it with him.... so i got it for a great deal.  would love to get it recovered, but it actually fits in well with my modern mid-century decor.  i will probably get a few more printed pillows and have my eye on a faux zebra print rug.

finally found the perfect lamps for my shades.  i've been on the hunt for a couple of matching vintage lamps that would fit my lampshades for a couple years now.  of course i found them at Sleepy Poet, my favorite vintage store!

 a golden cherub with amber crystal drops.  matt thinks they're so ugly.  of course i love them because they're so unique.  sometimes it's worth waiting til you find the perfect thing!

sleepy poet is my go-to place to browse for hours!  and everyone that knows me, knows that i am a lazy shopper, but i love spending time looking through all the knick knacks, furniture, and vintage dinnerware at sleepy poet.

they always have great colorful glass pieces like this one.

 vintage jewelry in cases

miniatures on vintage shelves

a cluster of vintage glassware

trying to decide if this would fit in my bedroom?  not quite my style, but could be beautiful if painted a different color possibly.

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