Tuesday, June 12, 2012

movie night: Snow White and the Huntsman

of course it is mine and irene's "beach vacation" and it ends up dreary and rainy most of the time we're here so we're finding other indoor activities to do.  mainly shopping and eating!  we decided to see Snow White and the Huntsman especially since i know matt won't see this with me *hehe*.  it was a pretty good good movie, beautiful cinematography, and Charlize Theron is a fierce evil queen.

best part of the movie for sure is her AMAZING evil queen wardrobe.  lots of texture: leathers, chain-metals, animal feathers.  very dramatic, dark, and sexy.

this evil queen's wardrobe is reminiscent of a Renaissance Alexander Mc Queen.  but bitchier.  even her jewelry was evil *lol.  she uses the ring in this photo to eat a bird's heart!

the hairstyles were also really pretty.  lots of modern-feeling braids and updos.  kristen stewart's Snow White was basically a hipster lol.  she's wearing skinny jeans and knee boots and a side-braid most of the movie.

in white, before she shows her evil side

 i always love the drama of shoulder-detailing or high collars so this "crow feather" cape was show-stopping.  my favorite!

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