Friday, June 29, 2012

wedding on a budget: cake

i am obsessed with this adorable Las Vegas cake at this wedding-renewal found here.  we will only have about 10 people total so a 1/4 sheet cake will be perfect and i love the kitschy, quirkiness of this cake. i have never wanted a traditional wedding cake.  my colors will be the colors in the Vegas sign:  robin's egg blue, canary yellow, classic red, and white. 

another hint.  the second you say the word "WEDDING" people go crazy and tend to overcharge for everything.  i am trying to do this thing on a major budget so i am ordering party cakes and calling them a wedding cake ok?  i was thinking this adorable Vegas cake in a classic vanilla (i'm boring when it comes to desserts) and then another round cake for the chocolate lovers.

more cake inspiration after the cut:

i was thinking a customized wedding topper by betteroffwed, like this
one which screams Vegas.  atop a simple round cake?

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