Tuesday, June 5, 2012

lunch at vapiano.

Granchi De Fiume
vapiano is a new style of restaurant.  part-cafeteria, part italian bistro?  i suppose it is set up to be a modern cafeteria:  you get a "credit card" when you walk in and swipe your card at each station when you order and it totals it all up on a tab at the end.  the prices are really good for the high-quality food but it is a little bit confusing to eat here....well at least the first time.  i think we will be back; maybe for takeout.  

the grandchi de fiume is tossed with fresh veggies and crayfish in a lobster sauce.  delicious!  you get to choose your own pasta and it comes with a side of bread.

all the pasta is made in house and there is a giant pasta machine that you can see in the open kitchen.  such cool layout.   the Filetto Di Manzo E Rucola was also delicious!  i had it will my favorite:  pappardalle noodles.  

tossed with fresh vegetables, mushrooms, filet of beef and arugula.  i liked that all the pasta tasted so fresh and the sauces were light and flavorful.

appetizer of roast veal, capers in a tuna cream sauce

 a really fun cocktail of fresh cucumber, mint, gin and tonic.  refreshing!

a delicous berry-topped panne cotta

Crema Di Fragola:  mascarpone creme with fresh strawberries

a wide space with lots of open seating

ooooh desserts!

 fun decor

fresh herbs as decor

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