Friday, June 8, 2012

vacation day 1

got to Chapel Hill at about 1 p.m. today after crappy traffic.  it was good to see my little sissy and neice (PonYo)'s been awhile!  we got dressed and did what we always do---went shopping!  nothing too exciting, just groceries at Whole Foods and digging for home finds at Home Goods (my new favorite discount home store).

irene has these kelly green stretch jeans from Gap that look twinsies with my kelly green AG jeans from Anthro that I've worn to death.  seriously one of my favorite purchases ever.

tomorrow, a girl's day.  lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, shopping all day at Durham's fancy mall (in search of a new bra, lip stain, sandals, maxi dress), mani-pedi, iced coffee.

my most favorite recent purchases:  a super light, neon coral blazer and my big floppy beach hat.  i'll post pics this weekend i'm sure.

a quick polyvore i made of how i wear my favorite AG green denim.

mixing something secretly edgy like this hand-painted skull necklace with
your preppy prints keeps things from being stuffy.  she made this herself, 

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