Friday, June 29, 2012

shopping: Baublebar

working at Anthropologie made me amass quite the accessory collection.  i've never been a "dainty" jewelry kind of girl.  i've always liked chunky, gaudy, costume jewelry.  my favorites include Juicy Couture for their crazy script hoops, Marc Jacobs chunky bangles, Kate Spade's famous bright bangles, and anywhere else i can find fun, bright pieces.

so when statement necklaces were in and haven't really left, i was happy to be able to find them everywhere.  i prefer pretty simple knits--mostly solids, so it is a fun way to add some color and fun to an otherwise boring outfit.

a couple weeks ago when i was visiting my sister in Chapel Hill we did a lot of shopping...especially internet shopping and we happened upon Baublebar.  so many cute bangles and necklaces!  i've already gotten 3 necklaces!  good deals at under $50 each!  so excited about this turquoise piece... the Turquoise Elsa Necklace $42.  one of the lovely ladies i worked with at Anthro had this piece or one similar, and wore it all the time and i always coveted it.  *yay*  you are now mine!