Tuesday, December 29, 2015

the studio- my workspace

so at the top of my to-do list this year is to breathe new life into my workspace.  i had an amazing Etsy year in 2014 and then took it slow in 2015 partly by choice.  we had just moved into this apartment and i wanted to spend more fun time with Bryan and also was focusing more on my career at the studio as a stylist.  of course all of these distractions took a major toll on my sweet little Etsy store unfortunately.  well, i've enjoyed my nice year long break from it, but I've been feeling revitalized lately after this years Vintage Charlotte Winter market was so much fun.  so one of the first things i'd like to do for myself is to freshen up my work space.  it is a great functioning workspace right now, but i would love to give it a facelift to make the space more inviting and fun to work in and spend time in this year.  

i love the gorgeous natural light in the studio room.  there are two large windows (the windows are old, crank windows) that always let in beautiful sunlight with a gorgeous view of trees and sun from my desk and the foggy backyard in the other window.

view of the backyard meadow/creek

here are a few inspiration photos i found on pinterest as well as ideas i have for ways to brighten up and increase the functionality of my studio space.  enjoy the inpiration, i'll keep updating on the small additions as i update this space.  

1.  add fresh, new art on the walls.  i have a ton of local and Etsy art i've collected over the years hanging on my wall.  i'm ready to upgrade with some additional pieces and spend some money on nice framing.  my focus on the new art for my studio art will be inspirational and colorful pieces.  

i love the idea of splurging on a painting like this gliclee print by JolinasPrints $170 and building a color palette around that.  i want my main piece to be brighten my mood by just being in the room and this piece just does it for me!

i also love the idea of prettily written encouraging mantras like this beauty by thewheatfield $35 to give me that extra push when i need it.

i love how this space has a "cozy" area like this day bed where i would be able to sprawl out to work when i don't feel like being trapped at my desk all day.  don't really have the ability to make a cozy nook in my current studio space due to space constraints but an idea for the future!

loving these sawhorse style desks which have a classic, functional appeal along with a modern twist.  i like the the surface is big and flat and i can use my own desk accessories of storage.  this one is absolutely gorgeous but i am looking for functionality: something easy to keep clean!

love the idea of using a pegboard or anything else to add texture to a room along with extra storage as a pretty display.

earthiness of cork board 

clean simplicity, neutral colors with pattern

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