Tuesday, December 22, 2015

goals, goals, goals

my mantra for the year

i know it's corny because EVERYONE says it, but my favorite part of the new year is setting goals for myself and knowing i can start with a blank slate for the year.  like it's 2016 i haven't fucked up yet, cheers!  my goals fluctuate from year to year but there is a seriousness and agressiveness to my goals as of late because my of my age creeping up on me makes me push myself a little harder to make sure i am achieving them.

1.  focus on what drives me.  what gives me a purpose?  what am i actually good at?  am i putting energy towards the right things?  is what i'm doing making me happy or am i just getting by?  what would my perfect day be like?  what would i enjoy doing with my time?  do i feel like i am progressing daily?  these are the kind of questions  i will be asking myself as i try to re-focus my energies towards what drives me.  entrepreneurship drives me!  setting an aggressive schedule drives me.  using the creative side of my brain along with the analytical problem-solving side of my brain excites me!  

2.  continue my health and fitness journey this year with the help of my workout partner.  last year i was really proud of myself for getting into fitness classes and a regular routine.  i found some classes i really enjoyed and could see my fitness improving daily.  focusing on eating whole foods and healthy, balanced meals instead of focusing on calories really helped me slim down and feel healthy this year.  i kinda fell off this last couple months but that is what the holidays is for!  i am excited to get back on that pony in 2016!

3.  building and growing those relationships that matter (the end). 

4.  adulting goals:  seeing my sister buy her first house and her and brad making it into a home makes me crave it even more.  i would love to be in our own place by this time next year hosting christmas!  so excited to work on this one!

5.  i am painfully self-aware of my negative flaws (there are a lot unfortunately)  this year i will try harder to work on these things that can lead to negativity in my life.  

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