Sunday, December 27, 2015

christmas 2015

happy holidays friends!

holiday family photo 2015

what a nice christmas we had!  hope yours was nice as well.  i took some days off work and got some much needed cleaning, organizing, and relaxing done.  i love that end of the year R & R that allows me to re-energize and re-focus my energy towards positive thoughts.  i got and gave all kinds of awesome gifts this year but the best part is just hanging out with friends and family (duh!)  bryan got us a weekend at my favorite cabin which i am so excited and looking forward to.  his parents got us nice tickets to the Book of Mormon which will be a fantastic date night.  obsessed with my new bar cart, exactly what i would have picked out for myself.  we know each others tastes so well!  

a lovely christmas plate

cranberry-orange zest cake

brad's face/ irene's pretty mantle

mantle with a handmade wonderland!

grand finale!  our gorgeous new bar cart
courtesy of sissy! xoxo

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