Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015: my favorite things

2015 has been one of the best years for me!  only regret i have is that i haven't been updating my blog!  but i have an excuse, i've been crazy busy.  

the waterfalls at Hanging Rock

1.  hiking!  bryan took me on my first hike last december on the blue ridge parkway trail and i sprained my ankle!  ever since then i have been in love with hiking and we always use a nice day as an excuse to go.  i love the quiet and sounds of nature and just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other to get to a destination.  i tend to be an over thinker with my mind constantly racing so hiking is a great way for me to clear my head and just enjoy myself!

barre class with my favorite workout partner

2.  my sister and i joined the YMCA about the same a year and a half ago.  one of my best friends raves about the Y and i am impressed with her results, she has lost more than 80 pounds and is in great shape!  i love that it offers a variety of classes so that if you're new to working out you can figure out what type of classes you like but also you can make sure you get in a good variety of cardio, strength, flexibility classes.  my favorite that i discovered by far was barre! 

the natural light in our old apartment

3. my hood! bryan found the perfect apartment for us at the beginning of the year.  myers park is a gorgeous neighborhood and we are surrounded by some of the prettiest, historic mansions in the city.  our backyard looks like a foggy, rolling hillside in Ireland most mornings.  i have seen so many deer and bunnies hopping around our yard.  i've never noticed how cool park road shopping center really is!  it is walking distance from our place and has anything you'd ever need and most of it is locally owned.  juice bars, a hip new vietnamese restaurant, coffee shops, breakfast joints, a movie theater...but all with a vintage old-timey flair.

work work work!

4.  creativity!  trying to focus on the creative side of work and relishing in the fact that i can work in a field that is actually pretty fun (most of the time).  this year i want to focus on getting a few more outside creative styling projects under my belt.  a few of us got promoted to junior stylists at the studio this year which has been cool because i've been able to work on fun projects like instagram shots and specialty brands, etc.

hot air balloon fest

5.  doing stuff!  sometimes bryan drives me crazy because he is such a social butterfly and in constant need to go out and experiencing things and sometimes i just feel lazy!  but i am so grateful to have a partner that loves life and always wants to create new experiences.  he forces me to do and try things constantly against my will and i always end up enjoying myself and having an awesome new memory (and pictures!)

rolling fog on the mountain side, clacton farm

my best friend's big fat gay wedding

7.  weddings galore!  bryan and i have been on non-stop wedding weekends lately!  must be our old age!  they have been lovely, gorgeous, sweet, and funny.  i have been embarrassing and crying A LOT at these damn weddings! 

holiday vintage charlotte winter market 2015

8.  kitsch & fancy!  this was the 4th winter market i've participated in and it was absolutely insane!  love having my sissy as my partner in crime in these events because she takes it so seriously and we balance each other out well with what we're good at.  i pride myself on being a good salesgirl but it can be awkward hawking your own goods.  we've got this down to a science now and look forward to participating every year.  amy had a weeklong pop up shop downtown this year at the old goodyear building which was also a raging success.  etsy has been incredibly slow for me this year, but these events keep me energized and helps me refocus.  

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