Tuesday, February 7, 2017

winter salads

winter mizzen and baby watercress salad

what i say is when in doubt, just keep it simple and make a delicious salad.  i have never regretted eating a fresh, crunchy salad.  my tips for making a spectacular salad at home:

1.  stay seasonal.  i know avocados and tomatoes are BOMB, but what is in season right now?  tomatoes are gross and mealy in the dead of winter and you will end up just picking them out of your salad anyway.  they are force ripened this time of year and are not juicy, red and flavorful like they are in the summertime.  there are lots of greens in season even in winter and just add other goodies like walnuts and bell pepper to make up for the summer time additives.

2.  keep it local.  i splurge and get fancy greens and toppings when i can.  i know i will eat more salads and it elevates the flavor and presentation when you get nicer ingredients.  so go ahead and splurge on the fancy greens at your local farmers market or the heirloom carrots.  you will be supporting a local farmer and getting a healthier product.

3.  always make your own dressing.  even if it is a basic balsamic vinaigrette.  there is a tanginess and better texture to a dressing your make yourself.  you can buy a simple salad dressing mixer at any store and sometimes there are even measurements on the side that tell you how many parts vinegar to oil, etc.  i always keep a multitude of fancy vinegars around to mix it up and keep it fresh.  add in herbs, honey, mustards....experiment!  if you are craving a creamy dressing make one out of Greek yogurt!

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