Tuesday, February 7, 2017

when life gives you lemons

my bright studio

so 2017 is the year whether i choose it or not.  i have always been a true believer in things happening for a reason, and choose not to live my life in regret.  i can't think of a time where something happened that may have felt like a negative experience at the time, but the doors that opened afterwards made it all okay.  it is all in how you choose to view things.  i lost my job of four years a few days before Christmas.  i am grateful for the fact that i have my Etsy side hustle which will get me through the tough times instead of having to scramble like so many people have to do in the same situation.  i have always wanted to leave my full-time job to pursue my own business and maybe it was a decision that needed to be made for me.  it never feels like the right time, and you never feel prepared enough so why not try now?  unfortunately, my shop, just like a lot of others is struggling on Etsy right now. 

i am so blessed with my gorgeous, new dream house and man i am so in love with and even a new puppy in my life.  what a great time to try to make this entrepreneurial thing work.  nothing will motivate you more than being your own boss and being able to choose how you spend your days.  spending all day with my sweet Sable, cooking healthy meals, and taking breaks to go on long walks on the greenway is all i need to stay happy!  my next post will be steps to take if you are trying to go freelance or work from home full-time with your own business.  good luck and stay positive!

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